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Welcome autumn the right way with Grey Emirati Thobe!

by Jack Jacob 5 days ago in shopping

Grey Emirati Thobe

Grey Emirati Thobe

White Emirati dishdahsa might be the staple colour of dishdasha in the Middle East but even some of the favourites turn out boring after a while. Hub Alhaya brings you the autumn collection in array of different autumn colours. For those who love to wear different colours or for men who like wearing darker shades this is you time. Visit Hub Alhaya and buy your Grey Emirati Thobe today.

You need variety in your wardrobe!

A dishdasha is normally a thobe that is long as the length of your ankles with long sleeves. There are many different styles of a thobe. Like they always say fashion always varies from region to region and Middle East is filled with different cities and countries that have their own styles and traditions to uphold. Hub Alhaya provides you with amazing styles that will make your wardrobe something to envy. They have:

Omani style

Kuwaiti style

Emirati style

All these styles have the basic makings of a thobe. An Emirati thobe is primarily attributed to have round neck with a ling tassel attached to it that comes down to the length of your torso. Others have similar designs except they might have a collar or a ban with a shorter tassel etc. it all depends on the region and the choice of the person wearing it. So get the Grey Emirati Thobe today and dazzle your friends with some amazing looking thobes.

Dress to impress

67% of men in the Middle East wear thobes in their everyday lives. They wear it to schools, universities, colleges. It is also a common wear foe a casual day out. And that is why you cannot wear the same style of dishdasha very day. You have to mix it up to look different every day. A good quality Emirati thobe will work wonders for your personality. It makes you look elegant and fashionable at the same time. Wherever you go your get up will demand attention and all eyes will be on you without a doubt.

Turn on the charm with mens jubba

If you want to look unique and handsome then Emirati Jubba is the perfect ensemble for you. Middle Eastern men look more charming in their traditional clothes. There is another kind of charm there that you cannot resist. Men have been wearing dishdashas in the Middle East forma very long time. Some of it is due to tradition. The men have valiantly kept their tradition alive by wearing different styles and colours of dishdashas over the years. With the right accessories your dishdasha like, prayer cap, leather shoes, a classy watch and a stylish carry on you will look just the part.

There are so many colors!

White is the staple colour of a dishdasha in the Middle East but there are other colours to wear as well. Hub Alhaya has brought you an amazing autumn collection that will amaze you. Any colour you want, name it, they have it. So browse through their darker shade of thobes catalogue. May it be black, grey, dark blue, brown shades that all look elegant and majestic when you wear them?

Tradition or fashion?

Middle East has kept its tradition alive to wear a mens thobe uk all these years it is a miracle how western culture and their fashion have not fully been embraces by the Middle East. Who says you can’t do fashion and look decent at the same time? Hub Alhayas thobe is the perfect mix of appropriate fashion and decent looks that you want to wear it again and again.

It’s practical as well!

The practicality of a thobe is just mesmerizing to comprehend. In the scorching heat of summer a dishdahsa protects you form the sun and harsh sandstorms, while also providing you with a airy and light air circulation throughout your dishdasha and in winters it keeps you warm. Did you know that in the day the dessert is as hot as a skillet on a flame but at night temperature drops quite quickly hence it gets quite cold as well. A disdhasha is perfect for every dessert weather, whether its to fight the summer heat or to beat the winter cold. A mens thobe uk seems like practical choice in any situation.

Superb embroidery and stitching at affordable prices!

The quality of the fabric and the stitching of Hub Alhaya emirati style thobe is drool worthy. The sticking is neater than any needle work you have ever seen. And the embroidery is no exception. It is so delicate and intricate that it gives your dishdasha a perfect ambiance for every event. It is just the perfect outfit for you to wear to any formal occasion like EID celebrations, weddings, engagements and officials meeting.


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