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Types of Women Shoes and Where They can be Worn

Women Footwear

By Syed ImranPublished 4 years ago 3 min read


This article provides information on different kinds of women shoes, each of them with their own unique style and beauty. It also guides that when and where different types of women’s shoes should be worn.

Types of Women Shoes

The following are some popular, casual women shoes, that you usually wear every day. There is some information along with the shoe’s benefits below;

Wedges are shoes which can boost your outfit’s beauty, without being uncomfortable to wear. Wedges are very comfortable to wear because of their evenly distribution of one’s weight throughout the whole foot. You can even wear a comfortable pair of wedges far longer than a branded pair of heels.

Canvas Shoes are lightweight shoes which have a slightly similar look to a sports shoe. These shoes are perfect for casual wear, because they are comfortable. They come in almost every colour, which will match your outfit and boost its beauty.

Wellington Boots are a pair of stylish, thick, rubber boots, with a hard sole, that are perfect for winter, as they are warm. They can be worn when walking through muddy fields, without being ruined.

Flip Flops have a foam sole, and in the middle, there is a plastic toe support. They are usually worn in summer, when going to beach or pool and can be fitted easily in a beach bag as well. They come in different styles, with plastic straps or leather straps or glittery straps, to match your outfit.

Gladiator Sandals are sandals with a lot of straps. They can be worn with maxi dresses and jeans. These sandals are usually worn by models doing catwalks. Gladiator Sandals comes in different sizes & styles. Some of them are knee-high, whereas, some are flat. They are comfortable to wear, as well as stylish.

Trainers are shoes that are designed for sports or other sort of physical exercise, but nowadays, they are also worn casually every day. They are comfortable and gives a lot of support to your feet whilst exercising.

Fancy Women Shoes

The following are some fancy, party wear shoes, that you usually wear when going to a party. There is some information about fancy wear shoes below;

Heels are a popular choice for party-wear shoes. They come in a wide variety of different styles. There are high heels and low heels. Heels come in different colours, to help boost your outfit’s beauty.

Court Shoes are classical pair of shoes, that can be worn in a wedding or for business affairs. These shoes have a low-cut front, and a medium height heel at the back, along with a pointed toe. These shoes come in different colours and are usually worn in formal events.

Women Boots:

The following are women boots, that are worn in every season. These are different kinds of boots with various colours, that can be worn to match your outfit on any occasion;

Ankle Boots are a classical pair of boots, that can reach your ankle and can be worn for office every day. They look more stylish with jeans or with a summer dress. Ankle Boots have different styles but the most popular ones are; Chelsea boots and Pixie boots.

Calf Boots are cosy winter boots, which offer more coverage to your feet. These boots are best to survive the wet, cold and mud. They have either buttons or zips down the length of the boot, which makes it easier and comfortable to wear. Calf boots look great with jeans.

Military Boots are boots inspired by military look. They are also known as “Combat Boots”. They are hard and sturdy boots with laces all over the whole boot. They add toughness to an outfit when worn. Combat boots along with solid coloured or bold printed dress, makes it look more classic.


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