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Top Ten Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2021

by Marium Yousuf 8 days ago in shopping

We’re going to take a look at some of the top Pakistani clothing brands that you should be keeping tabs on.

Clothing and fashion can be an artistic representation of a culture and climate. It can also be functional instead of just looking great because it needs to fit the demands of the people in the country. These two factors alone have spawned some of the most interesting and unique clothing pieces from Pakistan’s top brands. With all of the unique culture and history in Pakistan, it’s no wonder that the fashion world has locked its eyes on the country’s growing clothing brands. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the top Pakistani clothing brands that you should be keeping tabs on.

Studio by TCS

Studio by TCS is a magnificent and fast-growing clothing brand in Pakistan. In 2021, it is among the top and most famous brands. They offer an extensive variety of clothing. Their offerings include designer dresses, women’s wear, men’s wear, and kids wear. Furthermore, they provide accessories, shoes, beauty products and leather wear. In addition, they provide excellent and affordable stitching services. Their dresses for men, women and kids are incredible, and the stock is worth an exploration. Ensure to explore the entire variety of clothing to find your desired dresses. As far as prices are concerned, they are extremely affordable as well. So, check their entire collection of clothing and buy your favorite dresses from one of the top clothing brands in Pakistan.


Nishat is one of the most popular brands among women in Pakistan. Nishat has cemented itself as one of the top Pakistani clothing brands because they’re well-known for their extremely high-quality pieces. From trendy lawn prints to beautiful floral designs, women all over the country flock to their local clothing stores to pick up the latest Nishat collections at the start of every new season. Their practical yet culturally-inspired designs are a huge hit in Pakistan but are also starting to get more popular in the West as well.


CrossStitch is a humble brand name for one of the top stitchers in town. As the name suggests, they focus on sewing and counter shaped embroidered fabrics as their speciality. They have been producing some of the most unique clothes and fabrics in the whole country for a while now and they offer some fresh styles that are sure to blow even the most seasoned fashionistas away. Their innovative styles and creative approach to design makes them one of the top Pakistani clothing brands around.


Limelight has become one of the top Pakistani clothing brands by offering low-budget fashion pieces that are still incredibly beautiful, personalized, and manage to represent Pakistani culture and history. They use bold colours, high-quality materials, and focus on wearable pieces that everyone can pick up from a store and enjoy. But in addition to their day-to-day wear, they also have compelling outfits made for all different situations. While they do create their clothes differently from most Pakistani brands, it makes them stand out and lowers the cost of their pieces to make them competitive and affordable.


Khaddi got started as a Pakistani clothing brand that sold hand-woven kurtas in 1998. Since then, they’ve made a strong impression as a top brand in Pakistan’s fashion world with their unique approach to how they represent Pakistani culture through their clothing pieces. With unique patterns, accents, and floral designs in all of their top pieces, Khaddi is one of the most well-known brands in Pakistan but is also starting to spread its influence to the rest of the world.


Bareeze is a crowd favourite that almost everyone in Pakistan has heard of. As one of the top Pakistani clothing brands around, they offer some of the most exquisite designs and embroidery designs around. They use a lot of quality silk materials and they’re known for their innovative approach to stitched and unstitched cotton. They use a lot of intricate patterns and floral designs, and they’re not afraid to go big and bold with their use of colour.

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