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Top 5 go-to apparel material & clothing options for a tough Indian summer

We Indians go through different experiences when it comes to the summer season. In some places, it's extremely humid while in others you'll only feel pure heat.

By digimar oxymcraftsPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

We Indians go through different experiences when it comes to the summer season. In some places, it's extremely humid while in others you'll only feel pure heat. Thus, it becomes necessary to wear the right type of fabric to feel comfortable, cool, and stylish! Because why should anyone compromise, right?

1) Cotton

Cotton has been a great companion for us every summer. It's the most comfortable fabric to wear in the Indian summertime, where all we do is sweat and desperately need some breathing space when it comes to clothing. Cotton is lightweight, comfy and low maintenance compared to other fabrics and hence has been the top choice for both customers and top garment manufacturers in India. Even with the best benefits, it does come with a sweat patch issue but what we can say here is wearing a lighter shade of cotton is a better option as it won't leave a sweat patch on your clothes and, at the same time, would attract less heat as compared to darker shades of clothes. Chic style with cotton - Floral Dresses, Shirts, Indian Wear etc.

2) Linen

All the best clothing manufacturers in India have believed linen to be a stylish version of cotton that goes well with the Indian summers. Even though the texture might be slightly rougher than the traditional cotton, its capacity to absorb moisture and dry quickly can be a great saver in this scorching heat. It's luxurious looking, durable, and eco-friendly and more, hence it's one of the favorite choices for top garment manufacturers in India- when it comes to the fabric selection for summer trendy clothes.

Stylish linen wear options for this summer- Shorts, Casual Shirts, Full Pants, Sleeveless jumpers, Maxi dresses, palazzo etc

3) Chambray

Denim has been consistently trending for a while now however, it's not a go-to fabric in summer according to the clothing manufacturers in India, and then what's the answer for this trend? It's Chambray! Often mistaken as Denim. Chambray is a lightweight and airy fabric that looks like denim but isn't as stiff and sturdy. It's a soft fabric that will give you a look similar to denim Fabric but would feel extremely comfortable and lightweight, thus making sure fashion; trends and comfort go hand in hand this summer.

Clothing items with chambray to wear this summer - Shirt, Tops, jeans, skirts etc.

4) Rayon

When we talk about Rayon, it has extremely thin fibers making it much lighter than other fabrics. This gives breathing space to the fabric and doesn't stick much with your body when it's very hot outside. Making it one of the best fabrics to wear during summers. Most of the best clothing manufacturers in India choose to produce rayon fabric dresses for their chic yet comfortable look that goes especially well with the hot summer.

Rayon clothes to wear this summer- Maxi Dresses, Shirt Dresses, jumpers etc.

5) Jersey

Initially, all the best clothing manufacturers in India used majorly only wool to make jersey fabric but now it has been modified and has been blended with cotton. Because of this Jersey has become a much lighter fabric. Jersey fabric is also extremely flexible and lightweight; these reasons make this fabric a go-to for Indian summers.

Clothing items made of jerseys for this summer. Leggings tops- any kind of sleeves, casuals etc.

You can find all of the above great quality products with the best readymade garment manufacturers in India. Also, we as Oxym Crafts Private Limited deal in manufacturing the same kind of apparel for the Indian Textile Giant Brands like Reliance Trend, BIBA, Westside etc.

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