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Thrift stores?

by C.C Intrigue 2 years ago in shopping
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Supporting local business during COVID-19

Thrift stores?
Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash

Who is missing their weekend treasure finding? Me! Me! Me! Atleast up until a few weeks ago, I was.

Local business need our help more than ever.

Like many of us during the first initial shutdown about a month in, I started contemplating the many pleasurable outside activities that could be affected by this pandemic. One of the first one's I questioned that immediately rose a red flag for me, my guilty pleasure of thrift store shopping. Oh the hours enjoyed looking, touching, sliding racks of used gems at bargain prices. uhhh I can even smell it. You know a good thrift store has a certain kind of scent. It screams "There's gold in these walls but it's gonna take some digging."

I love it!

But there's a pandemic I can't go diving in those racks, inspecting hanger by hanger, touching all the key spots where-wear and tare develop. I honestly thought I was going to have to stop the one creative activity I have kept since a teenager. What could fill the void? Online shopping was not doing it. Yeah, there are thrift stores online. They are lovely but experiencing a thrift store day, Fun!, Fun! Fun!

Plus being indoors for so long gave me a Santa's list of home improvements needing to be done. Let's get the facts first and understand what precautions should be considered.

The CDC, local health departments, and governments are requiring facemasks to be worn in business establishments. so Woosh, we are ok there. Gloves, STAT. Yes COVID-19 is airborne transmitted and it also last on certain surfaces at different ranges of time. Now I am not trying to imply thrift store are dirty or carry diseases. I just know local business can fall through the cracks of supervision and follow through. They don't have the same budget as Walmarts and Targets to supplement for cleaning supplies. These are used products coming from a plethora of homes. According to WebMD it is not known if corona can stay on fabrics.

So with this information and my need, early July, I did it. My garden accessories had overgrown the shelf unit I was using. My daughters were itching for an outing and boy oh boy did I miss the hunt for treasure. With facemasks, hand sanitizer and bins. Bins to put houseware or yard goodies we may find in. We set out for a day of thrift store shopping. Furthest one away always first, no one likes a long drive home after four to six hours of treasure hunting.

Made it, time for the parking lot suit up. Girls prepared-facemasks, gloves and list. I was pleasantly greeted into my sanctuary. First thing I noticed was the smell was faint. The racks were moved to allow space and everyone working had on a mask. Yes, I thought. Now it's time to get in the flow. At first I noticed how conscious I was of this pandemic I didn't go in handsie, grabbing and inspecting the nic nacs that caught my eye as I usually did. I was conscious that less touching allowed for less risk. I made sure I knew what I was looking for as oppose to preCOVID when I would linger around for ideas as if time didn't exist.

There wasn't as many people who normally frequent the thrift store on the weekend but that was great for me in a since because we could maintain 6ft, I wouldn't have to swim through a crowded isle of people to unearth that interesting object that caught my eye from a far. But then as I revolved in my opportunity I thought of the thrift store owner, all the changes that had to be made in order for them to even open their doors-plastic shield over the register, laying off staff, additional cleaning. I was grateful and a little ashamed, I almost banished myself from my happy place.

I could tell the staff was happy we chose to shop at their store. All the clothing went in to tied bags, they commented on the pieces we found. I love when that happens. When the girls and I got home we put all our items in the garage and immediately washed the clothes. I sprayed disinfectant on a few items before moving them around to their new homes.

I wrote this to keep the love of thrifting alive. Our local businesses need us just as much if not more than corporations. It is very important that we remain safe and healthy for ourselves and others. If your experience in a local thrift store is opposite of mine and you have concerns if employees are following proper safety guidelines, don't keep shopping. Also don't be a Karen and force your standards on others. Try a different thrift store you feel comfortable with and watch the thrift fairies bless you.

Happy Thrifting.


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