Things to Take Note of With Trendy Silver Jewelry

Trendy Silver Jewelry Style

Things to Take Note of With Trendy Silver Jewelry
Sterling Silver Neckalces

Women and jewelry can be a deadly combination when it comes to selecting the right piece which will mold her personality. Whether it is for formal wear or a grand occasion, it is never simple because of the prolific opportunities laying out there. A jewelry collection, sterling silver necklaces available in wholesale as an example, can add character and originality to a woman’s wardrobe.

When it comes to building yourself a fine jewelry trousseau, selection becomes all the more difficult. The jewelry that you select puts out your personality, style, and beliefs. Balancing between the right attire and jewelry is a skillful act, which only a few can go right with. However, this article will help you strike a fine balance between the design, style and aesthetics, and the appropriate use of diamonds and colored gemstones.

A little effort into researching and understanding the latest seasonal trends into sterling silver necklaces wholesale you’ll be able to pick up the right piece without any difficulty.

So, let’s jot down some points which you can keep in mind before purchasing.

  1. Rings are always in, so consider having them in quantity, each of different styles. Cocktail rings put out a statement signed and generally are the eye-catchers. But don’t overdo them and get one for each finger. That will be uncalled for. Stacking rings is also in season, but is not an evergreen statement. Be specific about size and comfort. An ill-fitted ring loosens your personality.
  2. Earrings come in different sizes and types. Like the studs, danglers, loops, with various designs. The big gold and silver are a style statement and evergreen. Other earring styles include statement chandelier earrings, threaders, and ear-cuffs. Be wise and choose the right earrings that represent your style. If you are not easy with the long ones then avoid them instead.
  3. Not many prefer an armlet, but once you wear it you suddenly become the center of attraction. Armlets can be styled with saris or classy ethnic cocktail outfits. One can style them up and make a statement at a wedding.
  4. A choker necklace looks classy with traditional outfits, which as it is termed chokes the neck, but it is not supposed to be uncomfortably tight though, and should be aligned with your or it will ruin your evening. The choker trend is hot right now and is expected to rule all through for a while.
  5. Gold being gold is creating a hole in the pocket. So, silver jewelry is setting quite a trend amongst youngsters. Silver is mixed with different colors to give it the modern look. The traditional silver anklet also looks great in either a glossy or an oxidized finish.
  6. Double-check the loose ends of the jewelry when you purchase. If it is broken or is not tightly clenched enough not to fall down anytime. Check the purity and ask for a certificate. Check online for the latest designs and think it through the number of times you will be able to wear them without getting bored or without it looking old.
  7. Trends change but a few pieces of jewelry never get old. They look amazing in all seasons, despite the numerous trends in fashion. You should get a few of these pieces and add them to your collection as well.

Do you know who is your jeweler soulmate?

One needs to be very keen while selecting the jeweler as a lot of them might not be up to the mark and may make your travel into regret later on.

1. Check with people near you for recommendations

We generally ask for recommendations from our neighbors, coworkers, family, and friends for various things; like for a carpenter, for a cook, for me, anything; then why not for a jeweler? Once they share their experience of a certain jeweler you can rest assured about its credibility, variety, service and products that he is going to sell.

2. After-sale service

This is a very good sign of the seller. It shows the integrity of the seller to be at your service even after selling and receiving the amount of the sale. He means to actually give the best service if he is willing to listen to your complaints, accept them and provide you with the best solution. His creditworthiness is the highest in the market. Therefore, before you select your jeweler, check if he provides repairs, replacements, and refunds within a reasonable amount of time. Great jewelers strive to provide lifelong customer service to their clients.

3. Ask for certificates

Even if you have known the jeweler for long, you can rightly ask for a certificate without any shame. You are buying it and investing quite an amount, so go ahead and pull your customer card.

If there are diamonds studded in that piece, don’t miss out to ask for their quality so that you are aware of what are you paying for and its worthiness.

The main players in diamond certification land are American Gem Society, Gemological Institute of America and The European Gemological Laboratory. If your jeweler or sterling silver necklaces wholesaler provides you with a certification from one of these, that’s a good sign.

Return policies

Be bold and question the jeweler’s return policy. If the jeweler hesitates to provide one, rest assured something is wrong in the piece and avoid buying from that one.

In the end, choosing a piece of jewelry is a personal decision as only you can say how it makes you feel. Go with the trend but don’t overdo it. Pick some of the sterling silver necklaces or other jewelry from wholesale which can be worn on multiple occasions. That way you can smartly save some money.

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