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Things to Look for when Buying Gold Chains

Gold Chains buying guide!

By Aiden SmithPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Gold was considered to be a symbol of wealth and power since the early days, however, now, we’ll help you examine why this purchase of gold chains will bring you many health benefits along the way!

This may sound absurd but let’s take you through some major benefits of wearing gold ornaments. We believe this will increase your knowledge and interest in the purchase of the luxurious metal. Let’s take a look at some of these lesser-known facts about gold –

  • Regulating Body Temperature –

Yes you heard that right. Wearing gold ornaments like gold chains and rings or even anklets help in regulating the temperature of your body. It balances the chills as well as hot flashes that you might experience during hormonal disturbances. For example, women going through menopause may experience hot temperatures.

  • Treating Arthritis –

The symptoms of arthritis are excruciating pain in the fingers and legs. Researchers have studied the results of 24-karat against skin for the same and it was found to be positively reactive. The touch of pure gold soothes pain and reduces undesirable symptoms of this condition.

  • Overall benefits –

The gold ornaments are known for radiating positive energy. Thus, wearing it in the form of gold chains or diamond chains with gold touching the skin and even rings relax blood vessels and keeps the body soothed. It is known to create optimal balance in the human body.

After studying these benefits, it is clear that any ornament made of gold is a good omen in terms of wealth, power as well as health. But it is only favorable when these ornaments are made of pure gold and not artificially plated. The most commonly wore pieces in both men and women are chains, apart from rings. Let us now have a look at important aspects that need to be kept in mind while purchasing a gold chain.

  • Checking the Purity of Gold -
  • It is important that the gold you buy should be pure. 24 karat gold is usually not used for ornaments as it does not solidify for Asian climatic conditions. But one should always check for the hallmark on the chains. The karat is mentioned on the stamp along with the year of hallmark. Thus, if the stamp says 22K, it means it is 91.6% pure. Some people infuse gold pendants or beads in diamond chains. The hallmark on making of such ornaments should also be checked. You can also choose a lesser karat which is less pure and thus cheaper like 10K or 14K.

    2. Avoid buying Studded Chains –

    It is a fact that studded chains will appeal to you more than a normal gold chain. However, it is not worth the price you pay for them. Gold chains can be checked for their purity. But stones that are used to embellish the chains cannot be determined as real stones. The price charged should be in accordance to the net weight of gold in the chain. It is also a loss if you resell it as the cost of those stones has to be forgone.

    3. Check the Type of Chain –

    The chain should be examined for its type before the seller agrees on a price. You need to check if the chain is plated, hollow or solid gold. Plated chains are lighter and cheaper. It can cause skin irritations in some people and lose their shine after a point of time.

    Solid pieces of gold joined to make the chain will feel heavy and are generally expensive. This guarantees no skin allergies and can be worn on a daily basis. It also provides health benefits as discussed above.

    4. Determine the Length of the chain –

    It is dependent on personal choice as to what length of the chain is preferrable. A 16-inch chain will sit on the bottom of the neck at the collarbones while 18 inches is most commonly asked for length. The price of the chain increases as the length increases since more gold has to be put together. It is also dependent on the thickness and thinness of the chain.

    5. Check the Clasp of the Chain –

    The clasp is the hook at the end of the chain which holds it together around your neck. It is important that this clasp is made in accordance with the weight and length of the gold chain. It should not be brittle or loose. The lobster clasps are one of the most commonly asked for clasps. The ring-shaped clasp is also trending. It has a spring-loaded mechanism.

    6. Confirm the Price with purity –

    The price of the chain will be dependent on the purity of the gold and the rate at which it fluctuates in the market. Various jewelry store in San Antonio display the bullion rate every day for its customers to understand the price of their made ornament. Be sure to check the true rates on the display and calculate the value of 10g gold with discount on the purity.

    7. Check the Link Type –

    The linking of the chain determines the brittleness or breaking chances of the chain. The flatter the chain, the greater is the risk of them twisting and breaking. The link type should also compliment the weight of the pendant, if attached on the chain. The more flexible link types like box link or wheat link is favorable for holding the charms and pendants.


    You should buy gold only from trusted buyers who have hallmark stamps on their gold ornaments. Feel free to negotiate the making charges as they depend from jeweler to jeweler. When ordering online, be sure to check the purity and length of the chain and avoid using artificial stones as it decreases the selling value of the gold chain.


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