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The Ultimate Low-Maintenance Holiday Wardrobe

Whether you like travelling light or just want to avoid extra luggage charges, versatile items of clothing are a holiday staple.

By Admin K Published 2 years ago 4 min read

They can be re-worn multiple ways during the trip, and they take the stress out of packing – your suitcase is ready for anything. But what exactly fits the bill of the perfect low-maintenance wardrobe?

Here, we delve into the essentials to keep you relaxed for your travels.

Mixing and matching: The must-have items

Your suitcase checklist:

o Linen shirt

o Chino shorts

o Chino trousers

o V-neck jumper

o Denim shorts

o Basic tee

Bringing versatile items for your trip is useful, of course, but going the extra mile and wearing them for your flight is going to give you the maximum amount of room in your luggage. Linen shirts are an essential item for your low-maintenance travel wardrobe, as the fabric absorbs moisture and dries very quickly, so you can be sure that you aren’t too hot and bothered on your flight, as well as during your days under the sun on your trip. Plus, the versatility means that you’re still dressed appropriately for your late-night drinks – no need to head back to your accommodation to change your outfit!

Chino shorts are an essential pairing for your linen shirt that will combat the classic plane discomfort. Thanks to the cotton offering stretch and flexibility, comfort is ticked off the list, which will particularly be useful for long-haul flights. They also prevent you from filling your case with more night-time clothing, as they can be re-worn with your linen shirt for activities on your trip – not to mention it’s a dashing combination when you need to fit with a smart dress code.

On the other hand, your chosen destination may require you to be slightly more covered up – in this case, chino trousers are the answer to all of your problems. The material is comfortable, and you can also rest assured knowing that you’re being respectful to the rules of the area. Non-iron chinos are a wise choice to match with your shirt to avoid creases; the smart and clean look is promised all day long.

Worried about being slightly chilly as you travel? Match a V-neck jumper with your shirt and shorts as an extra layer. Of course, it’s a stylish look – but you needn’t worry about feeling too cold on the way to your destination, and it can even work as a layer for evenings on your trip if you’re expecting a cooler climate.

Thanks to your airport attire, that extra room can be filled with a classic pair of denim shorts, yet another item that you can wear for different occasions, whether that be for a spot of lunch or a trip to a beach bar. Pair these with your linen shirt and you’re certain to get heads turning.

Alternatively, a simple t-shirt will match both your denim shorts and your chino shorts. Your life is made easier given the opportunity to mix with different items – and not only will it match well with your V-neck jumper when you need to layer up, but it will also keep you cool and comfortable while travelling.

Essential hues for your wardrobe

Considering the colours for your low-maintenance wardrobe is something you must not forget. Although you may want your luggage to be bursting with bright colours, it’s simply impractical, as it makes mixing and matching difficult. However, you can still throw some striking looks together without being too bold.

White is the ultimate colour to choose for clothing. It’s a shade that you can rely on to match any other colour, and it’s got the power to achieve a sleek and sophisticated look. This will come in handy for your linen shirt in particular if you’ve got plans to head to a sophisticated restaurant. Additionally, it’s bound to last you all day long, even in the heat, as white is one of the best colours to wear to keep cool.

But it’s unrealistic to opt for white for every item of clothing. Beige goes perfectly with white as it is a neutral shade, and the combination of light-hues is fitting with shades of summer – so you will no doubt look fashionable. Consider this for your bottoms, whether that be shorts or trousers.

Throwing a third colour into your low-maintenance wardrobe to achieve the full mix and match potential might seem challenging, but it’s easier than you think. Baby blue is another neutral shade, yet it adds a splash of colour to bring your outfit together. This is ideal for your jumper or your denim shorts to match your tops.

If you’re keen to be slightly more adventurous with your colours, incorporate olive green into your wardrobe. It remains in the neutral zone to stay matching, but it’s just the right amount of daring. This is certain to be a striking colour for your t-shirt to pair with your beige chino shorts.

Comfort, style, and versatility are covered with these items and colours to save you the hassle of taking too many items and spending hours packing. Your low-maintenance travel wardrobe is ready for any destination!



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