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The Ultimate Guide to Autumn Coloring

These are the most flattering clothing, makeup, and accessory colors for autumns.

By Aria WhitePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Before reading this article, make sure you are in the right place. You should first read, How to Determine Your Season, to make sure you are indeed an autumn. Once you have confirmed you have autumn coloring, continue reading to learn which colors are the best for you to wear when it comes to clothing, makeup, and accessories.

First, let's review the physical traits of autumns. This will help you better understand why certain tones and shades bring out your best features, and why you should stay away from other colors that might not be flattering.

Autumns have warm and deep coloring and fall into two categories: light-skinned and dark-skinned. The common trait is a warm/golden undertone that is more orange than blue. Hair colors for autumns range from golden brown to rich golden red. Most autumns are brunettes or redheads but some dark golden blondes also have autumn coloring.

Autumns have gold/amber, brown, warm hazel, or green colored eyes. Some autumn eyes have golden flecks. There are no blue-eyed autumns.

The best clothing colors for autumns

Autumns look best in colors that are deep and earthy. Think of colors found in nature - warm shades of green, orange, yellow, and brown.

Neutrals that work great for autumns include shades like camel, khaki, coffee brown, and gold. Non-neutrals include olive, teal, mustard, pumpkin, and salmon.

Since autumn coloring is so warm and rich, autumns should avoid any shades of pink or gray, as well as black. These colors are too cool and will make autumns appear yellow and unhealthy looking.

What about prints?

When selecting prints, make sure that the dominant colors in the pieces are ones from the autumn color palette. There may be one or more hue that is not an autumn shade but as long as the primary colors are from the autumn palette, that's what is important.

The best jewelry and accessory colors for autumns

When it comes to colors of accessories that look best for autumns, keep in mind that accessories include pieces like scarves, hats, watches, and handbags. The colors that flatter autumns with clothing are the same colors that autumns should use to accessorize.

In addition to the standard colors in the autumn palette, autumns should stick to gold, bronze, or copper tones for all accessories, including jewelry. This applies to watches, metal accents on pieces of clothing such as buttons and belt buckles, and purse embellishments.

The best makeup colors for autumns

Makeup colors for light-skinned autumns and dark-skinned autumns are similar but do vary slightly.

Light-skinned autumns

  • Best shades of eyeshadow for light-skinned autumns - medium-to-dark brown, medium olive green or medium copper
  • Best shades of eyeliner for light-skinned autumns- medium brown, brown-black or espresso
  • Best shades of lipstick for light-skinned autumns - deep cinnamon, peach or terra cotta
  • Best shades of blush for light-skinned autumns - deep tones of salmon or terra cotta
  • Best shades of mascara for light-skinned autumns- black brown or brown

Dark-skinned autumns

  • Best shades of eyeshadow for dark-skinned autumns - chocolate tones, moss, forest green, bronze or golden tones
  • Best shades of eyeliner for dark-skinned autumns - dark brown or black
  • Best shades of lipstick for dark-skinned autumns - medium to dark brown
  • Best shades of blush for dark-skinned autumns - dark copper, cinnamon or walnut to bark tones
  • Best shades of mascara for dark-skinned autumns - dark brown or soft black

Remember, autumn coloring is warm and earthy. Stick to colors that remind you of nature.

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