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The Norse Jewelry: Its Used and Purpose

by Jen Hensey 2 years ago in trends
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If you are into Viking culture, then this blog is for you.

When an ancient Viking comes into our mind, we think of strong and brave people who have long beards, big bodies, and have swords. It does not spring into our mind that they have beautiful jewelry crafted with detailed and stylish design.

Despite being fearless warriors, they also made themselves beautiful and intricate necklaces, brooches, rings, and earrings made from bronze, iron, gold, and silver.

The accessories of the Norse people are handmade with quality with a rich history from their ancestors. Early in the Viking era, the accessories or jewelry were made simple. However, as time goes by, especially in this modern-day, pieces become more detailed and sophisticated.

Viking Jewelry - Used and Purpose

Both men and women of the Viking Community wear jewelry or ornaments to add color, glamour, and style in their bodies and clothing. But Viking jewelry also has its purpose. It was also used as a currency trade. That is why the jewelry was made from precious metals.

If the necklace or the ornaments is too large to be traded into other things, it is cut into smaller parts or chunks where the value is the same as the product's value. If you think about it, the way they used their accessories or ornaments before is also how we use coins or bills nowadays.

The Norsemen also created beautiful accessories using beads and stones. Although it was said that the Vikings do not really use stones and beads, these art forms had been applied already before the Viking Age.

Viking Necklaces

Necklaces from the Viking era were crafted from silver, gold, and bronze. They also employ natural fibers and iron wires of various lengths and sizes. The necklaces would normally have a pendant, which is made from glass beads, precious stones, amber, resin, and small metallic charms.

These pendants are made with different designs that represent the wearer. For Vikings, the pendant has a purpose that relates to the Nordic religious symbol that held deep meaning to the wearer. For them, it gives them character such as power and confidence.

Viking Pendants and Amulets

The pendant is a stylish piece hung from the chain of a necklace. There are different pendants' designs like the Thor's hammer or Mjolnir, wolf head rune spiritual, tribal wolf, odin's raven, and valknut.

Above all of these pendant designs, the Thor's hammer is the popular one and the most frequently worn by the Vikings.

There are also other pendants such as arrowheads, swords, axes, coins, and crosses. However, these kinds of pendant designs were not that popular in the Vikings era. The Historians explained that these kinds of pendants were not commonly worn.

Viking Rings

Viking Rings are one of the most popular accessories used in the history of Vikings. It was discovered that a lot of people in the Viking era used rings as an accessory.

Viking Brooches

Brooches are also one of the most popular accessories used by the Vikings for their clothing. Brooch is used for holding clothes in place, so it is an essential item used by the Norsemen.

Brooches are made in a number of designs. Men and women used brooch for their clothes. For men, the brooch would be fastened on the wearer's right shoulder; for women, the brooch was used to fasten dresses, aprons, and cloaks. But the designs of women's brooches are more detailed and more ornate from the brooches of men.

However, today the brooch is not the same as the Viking era. These days brooches are more stylish and sophisticated.

Viking Earrings

As stated by the historian, earrings are the least commonly found accessory of Vikings. The Nordic earrings were quite different, which is in contrast to the modern-day earrings. Vikings would wear earrings in the entire earlobes, which is different from today's way of using it.


As much as we enjoy fashion from clothes and accessories, Vikings enjoyed fashion and the glamour from precious metals and stones, which are made into different accessories.

However, unlike other cultures, the Viking ornaments have dual purposes. One is for beauty, appeal, and confidence. Second, the jewelry is used for trade, just like how we do that with money today.

People see the Vikings as barbarians, but from their accessories, which are made beautifully and created with a deep and rich history, their culture reflects sophisticated, creative, and organized people.

If you are into Viking culture and who loves to embrace the Viking lifestyle, an accessory or ornament is perfect for incorporating your lifestyle and fashion.

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