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The Hot & Sexy Short Dress Guide

by Pink Dressing 15 days ago in trends
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The Hot & Sexy Short Dress Guide
Photo by Timofey Urov on Unsplash

Short dresses are the style of every day. They come in all different materials. Some are very casual, you can even wear them just to hang out around the house. Others are very elegant and can be worn at a formal party. Everyone should have a few dresses in their wardrobe because you never know when you might need one.

Where do you start when looking for a dress? There are many options to think about. What style of dress, color, material and patterns. Depending on what you will be using the dress for will determine what type of dress you want to look for. If you're going to the club, you may want to go for something flirty and sexy, like a halter style dress. Halter dresses are very popular for everyday wear and can be easily jazzed up for night life such as dinner parties or dances. They are great to wear to parties and are on trend. You will receive many compliments when you choose a dress like this.

Maybe you're still in high school and looking for a great homecoming or prom dress. Short dresses are ideal for both occasions. They have so many unique styles to choose from that your options are endless. You can party all night long in a gorgeous off the shoulder dress or even a strapless dress. These are all the rage and will make the kids drool! With all the colors, patterns, and styles, you're sure to find something to suit your tastes. You will be the envy of all your friends. Don't be afraid to buy something different, you will stand out and look beautiful.

You may want to choose a casual dress every day. There are dresses that you can wear to go out with friends, go to the supermarket or to the mall. Short casual dresses make a great fashion statement. You can look attractive and cute anywhere. They can be very cheap, so anyone can look great no matter what their budget is.

If you take the time to really search, you can find clothes at almost any price. They can start as low as the $20 range and go up from there. It will mainly depend on what material is used to make the dress. Look before choosing a particular dress, because you never know what you're going to find.

Don't be afraid to try different styles to see which one suits your body type best. Even if it looks like you wouldn't like it, you may find that when you put it on, it looks really good on you. Many people make the mistake of not wanting to try something else because they don't think it's a good option for them. Usually, it is the different styles that best suit them. Try them all; off the shoulder, halter, strapless, short sleeve and long sleeve. You will be surprised and you will probably choose something that you would never have chosen yourself.

Most importantly, when you wear a short dress, you look confident, you feel confident because you shine. Shuffle your stuff around, make everyone look at you like you just walked off a catwalk.

The best fashion designers present their new look for the 2009/2010 Christmas season and one look stands out: Romantic. Whether it's for a formal reception or a crazy night at the club, what you're wearing is a soft, cool and delicate confection that whispers as you run to the high seas with that pirate bandit or indulge in a demon lover. Each designer has chosen to showcase their take on this particular theme with numerous variations ranging from bright pops of color to bold prints.

Fashion consultant Blake Logan says, "Sexy this holiday season means fantasy, romance and the ultra-feminine. Be prepared to dress to rock the night away, but your outfit will definitely do double duty for an intimate drink by the fire."

Robert Cavalli's new designs feature bold colors and bold prints, while Dolce favors soft pastels and loose, disembodied lines that flow as you move. Victoria's Secret went for darker, richer colors and warm, clingy fabrics to keep you comfortable while partying. Online retailers Nordstrom and Victoria's Secret have been slow to show off their holiday deals this season, opting instead to celebrate the month of sales in the fall of November and clear out their stocks for new looks. Others offer exciting sneak peeks at their vacation looks in sexy dresses. It can be an opportunity for the savvy shopper to find the right dress while the selection is right.

Forplay fashion emphasizes the ultra-sexy with bold high-cut hems and plunging necklines at the bust and sides. Ujena Cruise Line is also innovative with dresses that can serve as both beach wear and casual evening wear. This summer, Forplay introduced the interesting four way dress that could be worn in different ways for different looks. Some shorter mini dresses from Forplay can also be worn as a skirt. DKNY capitalizes on that idea for the holiday season with an adaptable take on DKNY's strict traditional look that can be worn as understated or edgy daywear, comfortable or as sexy evening dresses.

Prices appear to have dropped slightly compared to last season, perhaps due to the new cost-conscious consumer. Choice and variety are better than ever. See you New Year's Eve!


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