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The Five Key Items to Pack to Remain Stylish During Your Business Trip

Top five items to pack in your bag to ensure that you look striking for whatever your day entails.

By Admin K Published 2 years ago 3 min read

The businessman's lifestyle can be a hectic one. But a silver lining to the chaos is that your wardrobe can contain many staple pieces. When working away, you may find it difficult to be stylish while living out of your suitcase.

However, we have provided you with the top five items to pack in your bag to ensure that you look striking for whatever your day entails.

Ties to complement your look

Ties are an essential part of your outfit. While you may want an alternative tie for each day of your trip, you may have limited room in your suitcase.

One piece of advice to keep in mind when you are packing your suitcase is that your tie should always be darker than your suit, so make sure to avoid any light hues that will be wasting space in your bag. But if you aren’t pushed for room, you can add a selection without the concern of adding a lot of weight to your luggage. And depending on your style, you can keep it classic and simple during the day – but for the evening, perhaps to celebrate finalising a deal with a client, you can opt for a less serious and bolder look.

Make a statement with your trousers

Investing in a range of smart trousers is something you won’t regret. During your days in the office or meeting with clients, you will likely be dressed to impress in a full suit. In this case, you may choose a neutral look to ensure that everything matches well.

When the clock strikes for home time, whatever your evening plans are, you can always sport a less formal look and perhaps remove your blazer. In this instance, where your completed suit isn’t on display, your trousers will be making a statement – so choosing a stylish pair is essential. And if changing into an alternative pair after a long day is an option, you can select a brighter or bolder pair without worrying about a clash with your jacket.

Power dressing through your suit jackets

A suit jacket is one of the most crucial items in your wardrobe that can transform your look from smart casual to formal. This is especially important for your working day – and charcoal, in particular, is a great choice to make sure your outfit is cohesive, as well as it being a shade that establishes authority.

Currently, despite the easing of COVID restrictions, many work meetings are remaining online. So in a video call through your device, the top half of your body is all that can be seen. This places more emphasis on the importance of your suit jacket as it’s one of the few items of clothing visible to the other caller, and therefore it is a necessity in your suitcase. Plus, it can be removed when needed if you are keen to flaunt your shirt underneath.

Shirts for any occasion

Of course, a shirt is one of the staple pieces to pack for your business trips. But a slim-fit shirt is arguably the style that will prove to be the most useful when your day involves many different tasks.

Ensuring that you pack versatile items is one of the key things to remember, as it can often be impractical to head back to your room and change. So, a slim-fit shirt will maintain a striking look all day, as it is a distinguished look for a working environment as well as an on-trend look for socialising outside of the office, too.

Everyday bags to store your essentials

Last, but not certainly not least, is an everyday bag. A suitcase isn’t the only way to store all of the crucial items during your travels. Particularly when you are in several locations, returning to your hotel to grab an item simply isn’t an option.

Whether you need to carry important documents, your laptop, or even your lunch, a briefcase or a satchel is essential. As well as being useful to hold all your vital belongings in one place, it can also be a finishing touch to your look, too. But with this being an accessory that will most likely be used every day, it’s key to choose a neutral colour, like black, that will go easily with your many pieces of clothing to avoid any clashing.

The life of a businessman is stressful enough, and business trips can add to that. So to remain as calm as possible, it’s necessary to be aware of the five key pieces to pack in your suitcase. Thus, you can be confident knowing that you look dashing, whether that be while you are busy at work or indulging in free time on an evening.



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