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The Change in Women Clothing

Women Fashion

By Syed ImranPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

Fashion changes from time to time, according to the seasons of the year. Women in ancient times wore clothes that were completely different from those they wear today. They used to wear full clothes even in summer, whereas today, that style is considered old-fashioned for some people.

However, women should be free to choose what they want to wear in order to express themselves even better. Each woman has her own choice and it differs from others.

Suitable Clothes for Women

A woman should always choose clothes according to their physical features. They should choose by observing their size, appearance and body structure. The clothes that a woman wear creates a self-image of her personality in the society. Character of a women is often judged by her clothes in the society.

Types of Clothes

There are different kinds of women clothes, each with their own benefits. There are casual clothes, which are the ones you wear almost every day. Then there are formal clothes that you wear to school or offices. There are also fancy clothes that women often wear for weddings, parties or on any fancy occasion.

Tops and Hoodies:

Tops and hoodies are most comfortable and suitable clothing you can wear, when you are getting late to a party or dinner. One can quickly wear a hoodie over a casual dress to give the outfit a stylish look and go enjoy their dinner.


Jeans are perfect to wear with a top, when going out. It gives your outfit a more stylish and fashionable look. Sneakers or joggers, even heels can give your outfit a boost.


T-shirts are the perfect type of cloth to wear casually. They can be worn when going out as well. They are comfortable and if we pair them with some glasses, sneakers and cute pants, it will give your outfit a more stylish look and you’ll be perfect to go anywhere you like along with being comfy.


Pyjamas also called PJs are soft, warm and loose-fitting upper and bottom that are wore when at home and sleeping. Wearing Pyjamas makes us relax and comfortable. As the work from home is a common option nowadays, PJs are best choice for getting your office work for home in comfy clothing.


Dresses are perfect for wearing to a party. They are perfect in warm season. The colours vibrate with the season and gives your outfit a boost. They come in every type of colour, pattern and designs. One can pair it with accessories to give its beauty an enhancement.

There are also maxi-dresses, which are perfect for fancy wear. They are long and come in every design. The perfect accessory along with the dress make it outstanding.


Jackets or coats are perfect for casual, fancy and formal wear. They are really comfortable along with being fashionable. You can wear your casual clothes underneath a coat and can go outside. It hides your flaws and boosts the outfit’s beauty.

Benefits of Dressing Decently

Women should dress decently, because it looks more professional. If a woman dresses decently, she creates a good reputation and impression of herself on others. It is also a cause of creating self-respect.

Wearing decent and full clothes protects your skins from germs and it also keeps you warm in cold weather. It also prevents colds and fever. If a woman wears decent clothes, she is a good role model for her youngsters. It sets a good example for others.


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