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The Best Places to Buy Wholesale Jewelry Cheap Online

by Richard Alexander 8 months ago in shopping

Lots of people are looking for the best places to buy wholesale jewelry online, either for personal usage or resale purpose. It is time and efforts consuming if you have no clue about wholesale jewelry field or have little information about reliable jewelry wholesale suppliers, so I hereby share an insightful article with years of industry research and expriences, hope my sharings can facilitate your jewelry findings online.

The Best Places to Buy Wholesale Jewelry Online

Wholesale Jewelry Market Overview & Analysis

Jewelry is like a constant pursuing fashion element to women from ancient to modern time. It is a charming decoration which can largely improve or even change a woman's appearance with the combo of her apparel. So all women, whether for ordinary girl or celebrity fashion lady, enjoy wearing new fashion of jewelry in various forms and craze for exploring any novel styles and designs that are trendy. With the popularity of internet, more and more women started using mobile phones or computers to find new fashion jewelry and make wholesale jewelry purchases online, especially with the current situation of COVID-19. It is hard for people to go outside to jewelry stores or boutiques; however they can easily get online to find their jewelry preferences and buy jewelry wholesale online to save.

In the mean time, some entrepreneurs and work-at-home moms noticed this business opportunity and started their own jewelry resale business by catering to women's large demanding of jewelry.

So it is discerned more and more wholesale jewelry buyers online nowadays. For individual buyers, they will look for affordable cheap jewelry deals and exploit the opportunity to buy jewelry at wholesale to save money. While for jewelry resale entrepreneurs, the biggest part of establishing their own fashion jewelry business is to buy good and quality inventory cheap to enable later resell profits and business development.

Wholesale Jewelry Buyers' Major Obstacles and How This Article Will Help

Buy Jewelry Wholesale Online Difficulties

Since there’s so much work that goes behind the procurement of jewelry items by buying wholesale jewelry, for instance, jewelry buyers will need to vet the quality of the jewelry, find cheaper prices at wholesale rate, and properly inspect each piece of jewelry purchased after receipt. But since this is very experiences oriented and time consuming, many jewelry buyers nowadays are looking for advices or suggestions to guide their procurements. As an ordinary jewelry buyer, you may encounter all sorts of issues or difficulties due to lack of former experiences and industry insights. It is natual for people to search for relevent contents or references online; however various of articles written by amateurs can easily mislead your shopping. Considering the obvious limitations and risks present when you proceed with buying wholesale jewelry online, I hereby as a 20 years veteran in the industry would like to render a professional review of the major wholesale jewelry businesses online that supply premium quality products and service with approved reputations to help jewelry buyers find the best places to shop wholesale online at ease. I firmly believe with the right platforms and websites, buyers will be able to score the best deals when it comes to wholesale jewelry.

Let us take a look and review the best and the most trusted places to buy wholesale jewelry online as below:

World's Best Places to Buy Wholesale Jewelry Online

1. Etsy

Etsy Jewelry Wholesale

Etsy is one of the most famous places to buy unique pieces that are not just limited to jewelry. As the world's largest online handmade crafts marketplace where independent sellers and makers put up their items for sale, it is easily named as the first place to check and buy jewelry online.

You can find tons of jewelry items on this platform, majorly are hand-made jewelry pieces with creative designs. Comparing to offline jewelry shops, Etsy sellers' offerings are more diverse and affordable. You can easily browse and find the latest designs of jewelry at your finger tip and proceed with online wholesale purchases.

Since Etsy deals with retail, the jewelry prices you can find on it may not be good enough for sound margins, when buying jewelry from Etsy, make sure to message the seller first and see if they could accommodate your wholesale purchase since not all of them are wholesalers. You can also inquire if they provide special rates for wholesale purchases.

2. JewelryBund

JewelryBund, founded in 2008, is one of the world leading manufacturers and wholesale distributors of fashion jewelry and other fashion items. The company stays on top of the most recent fashion jewelry trends and since the company manufactures its own products, new designs are released in a timely manner.


JewelryBund has been in the industry for more than 12 years and has been in business with more than 80,000 clients globally. The company also offers comprehensive assistance to new business owners. Multiple customers' reviews found online reveal this company offers good quality products and reputable service to buyers and maintain sound business relationship with customers.

JewelryBund serves as a jewelry manufacturer with owned factories and professional design teams, can supply wholesale jewelry and other fashion accessories at cheap factory prices. Plus, they offer tremendous selections of beautiful jewelry products in high fashion boutique styles, western fashion designs, hip-hop genre, etc. And with various material categories including pearl jewelry, opal jewelry, gemstone jewelry, gold plated jewelry and 925 sterling silver jewelry for online procurement at one-stop. They also supply jewelry to major jewelry brands in the U.S., so if you are looking for jewelry OEM or own brands customization with jewelry wholesale, then they should be the one to contact for cooperation. One drawback about this supplier is they require minimum order requirement of USD 80 for each order placement, it may cause troubles for some small jewelry resellers or individual buyers. Having said that, if you are looking for jewelry wholesale, this supplier should be enlisted for consideration as well.

3. Faire

Faire Jewelry

Faire is another newly breeded online marketplace that holds more than 15,000 independent brands including jewelry wholesalers'. They have a great catalog of fashion jewelry and accessory items that jewelry boutique owners can purchase at wholesale rates. Since Faire is only open to U.S., Canada, U.K., and some of the E.U. countries' wholesalers, jewelry buyers may have limited choice with these nations' jewelry designs and collections.

Faire offers a net 60 terms for all brands which allow you to buy new items and pay the bill after 60 days. This will be a great financial option for small jewelry business owners and startups.

4. Alibaba


Alibaba is a world-renowned marketplace for global wholesale trade. Founded by Jack Ma, invested by world top venture capital companies such as SoftBank and Yahoo which laid the foundation of world's one of the largest online wholesale platform. Alibaba doesn’t only cover jewelry wholesale but also other types of products like apparel, electronics, and other wholesale goods. Usually, jewelry wholesalers and suppliers will offer very competitive wholesale prices on Alibaba, so you will find very attractive prices when browsing jewelry products listed on this platform.

Their service covers more than 190 countries and for businesses, Alibaba provides ready-to-ship stocks with low minimum order quantity. The site also offers other services such as dropshipping and tradeshows which are joined by tens of thousands of participating suppliers around the world. There are many jewelry factories and jewelry wholesalers on this platform, so wholesale jewelry buyers will have wide range of choices by procuring on this website. However, if you buy jewelry in various styles from different suppliers, the management of multiple wholesalers and corresponding orders shipments and trackings will be effort-consuming and cumbersome.

5. Fashionbella


Fashionbella is a wholesaler for jewelry and accessories that is based in Los Angeles, California. The company refreshes all the listings on their site daily so you can get the most fashionable jewelry pieces that will be in demand with your customers.

Established in 1986, Fashionbella is a stable supplier when it comes to wholesale fashion products including fashion jewelry. They offer most of the jewelry and fashion accessories by the dozen, so jewelry wholesale buyers can enjoy the cheaper dozen prices when making the deals on their site, however if you are not looking for multiple quantity purchase for jewelry products, then this wholesaler will not be the best choice. Aside from jewelry pieces, Fashionbella also offers other accessories such as bags, scarves, belts, and more. The company also has its own beauty and skincare line available for wholesale purchase.

6. Rubyimports


Ruby Imports is another wholesaler that is highly reliable when it comes to wholesale jewelry purchasing.

The company specializes as a costume jewelry wholesaler in the United States, but Ruby Imports also has few other non-jewelry products listed on their site. The company is family-owned and based in Tennessee.

A handy feature that this website provides is that they always have some products going on clearance sale. These are perfect for business owners looking to score jewelry pieces that won’t hurt their capital. Aside from the clearance section, Ruby Imports also lists items that are 50% and 75% off. It is noticed this company also requires M.O.Q. which is USD 50. Considering the clearance price and U.S. based feature, this company should be an affordable choice for U.S. small jewelry resellers.

7. Wholesale Accessory Market

Wholesale Accessory Market is an up-and-coming website that is dedicated to bringing the best prices to business owners through wholesale.

This company targets small boutique owners such as themselves. They put a lot of emphasis on building a community together with other small-time business owners. Since its establishment in 2000, the Wholesale Accessory Market has been serving small businesses as their trusted wholesale partner.

Aside from jewelry, the Wholesale Accessory Market also lists household decorations, bags, apparel, and more. The company publicly states that they are a Christian business dedicated to providing honest and quality service to their clients.

8. Wish


Wish is another big-time company that provides pretty much everything on their website including wholesale jewelry products.

Known to be the marketplace for all cheap products, Wish becomes one of the top go-to websites for business owners looking to buy wholesale. Plus, Wish also has significantly cheaper shipping rates compared to other websites regardless of your location or country. However, since most of the wish sellers will use registered air mail for shipping, if you bought free shipping products, you may expect the shipping and delivery time to be comparatively longer, usually 15-28 days depends on your destination country.

When buying on Wish, make sure to check the legitimacy and service quality of the seller! Like any other sites, it’s important that you should do your own due diligence when buying wholesale especially when there’s a lot of money involved.

9. JewelryMax

Jewelry Max is an internet-based fashion wholesaler with the physical location in Southern California.

With a wide variety of catalog and listings, Jewelry Max is one of the wholesale sites that offer highly competitive pricing to make sure that you’ll be able to maximize your profits. All products on their site have good variations so you can cater to any fashion style or type of your customers.

In terms of jewelry pieces, Jewelry Max offers specific niche-based designs. Some examples are Christian jewelry, leather jewelry, handmade jewelry, metal jewelry, and even American flag-based designs. A plus for this site is that they offer a flat shipping rate so no matter how big your purchase is, you won’t be burdened with additional costs of shipping.

10. Stuller

When it comes to wholesale jewelry, Stuller might not be the first site that pops in buyers’ minds. But, for jewelry business owners, wholesale suppliers like Stuller will bring a different look and feel to your shop.

Started as an independent jeweler, Stuller now offers a wide range of fine jewelry. Their services are targeted on the higher end of jewelry selling, plus providing excellent customer rapport.

Aside from wholesale fine jewelry pieces, Stuller also provides services for stone setting, diamond cutting, special order diamonds and gemstones, custom imprinting, and more.

Final Findings and Suggestion

All the listed wholesale jewelry suppliers offer quality jewelry products and sustainable service & business relationship with buyers. When you are searching for quality wholesale jewelry suppliers, you should firstly check the above ones first, so you will obtain some relative information, thoughts and wholesale prices about your targeted jewelry line. You may also find more inspirations by checking these jewelry wholesale platforms to see what jewelry or fashion accessories are prevalent in the wholesale market so as to guide your jewelry wholesale procurement selections and even your jewelry niche choice and following retail sales. Individuals who are keen on jewelry items will also be beneficial by visiting these businesses for finding own preferences.

It is advisable for jewelry buyers to check and compare all these jewelry wholesalers before making any purchases online. By comparing their prices, services and orders fulfillment ability, it should be not hard for buyers to find a feasible jewelry supplying cooperator afterwards to be successful in the jewelry business world.


Richard Alexander

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