The Article of Clothing

by Brianna Price 9 months ago in trends

Pleasing to the Eye

The Article of Clothing

What is the purpose behind wearing clothes? Do we spend all of this money we acquire on jeans, dresses, shirts, and accessories for ourselves, or is there an underlying reason?

As I rode in the passenger seat of my mother's car yesterday, I watched as people walked by. In my mind, I stored all of their different outfits to memory. The girl in the shorts, knee highs, and combat boots. The guy with a Coach belt stretching tight around his sagging jeans. Or the girl with Prada sunglasses on even though it’s dark outside. Everything today surrounds what you’re wearing. When did what designer you could afford to broadcast on your clothing become one of the most crucial things about you? Personality no longer matters. What you can and have achieved, no longer matters. If you are not wearing a Victoria Secret lingerie set underneath your pencil skirt ensemble, or have on Polo boxer shorts, to society, you have not made it.

Tv shows, fashion shows, and celebrities have convinced society that we need to spend $2000 on a pair of red bottoms, or $750 on a Calvin Klein watch. We throw away our money so effortlessly and carelessly that we don't think about how we just spent damn near $300 on a pair of Air Jordans that will get messed up in a few months regardless of how well the upkeep is.

Of course, don't misinterpret my words. I understand the wanting mind. And I understand the desire for nice things. I understand that nice things can make you feel better. But what happens when we only find solace and happiness in the name brands we blow our checks on?

Did you know that in the city where I live, a few years back a new line of Air Jordans dropped in shoe stores all over the world. Our local mall had received a shipment of them and decided to open their doors at midnight, making them available to the public earlier than expected. A teenage boy was waiting in those long lines all night, only to buy the sneakers and have anther man stab him and kill him. All for a pair of sneakers! The boy never even made it out of the mall.

Our desire for extravagant things can drive us to do harm to people we know. It can also make many people naive. People tend to forget that "regular" clothes are just as good as that shirt that burned a hole in your pocket. We dress now with the intent of being seen, noticed, and complimented. Not with the intent of being comfortable. We don’t even wear clothes because they are our favorite colors anymore. When we look in the mirror we ask if what we've chosen to wear is pleasing to the eye. And the even sadder part is, that we aren't asking if it is pleasing to OURSELVES, but to others. But what if it isn’t? What if no one compliments your outfit that day. Are you going let it ruin your whole day? Are you going to stop whatever you are doing and go home to change until you get it right?

The point I am trying to get across is that we complain about taxes, property value, and terrible paying jobs. But how much can we really complain about when we contribute to the problem? Just in a different way? What will it take to stop this worldwide epidemic from continuing? Until people truly WANT to see what our bad habits are, there will be no stopping anyone. You, yourself just must think rationally and not contribute to the problem. There can be no progress with constant fuck ups.

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