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That Was So Yesterday

by Blue Dymond 4 months ago in trends

3 Trends That Needed to Stay In 2020

That Was So Yesterday
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

High Fashion

Everyone knows that now in days most trends either start from music artists, celebrities, or influencers. They hold the holy grail for what should, shouldn't, and could be. All it takes is one post with a catchy caption, one verse with a great line, or one outing featuring a hot outfit that catches the eyes of paparazzi to be seen in magazines everywhere; From there the world starts to mirror what now has been deemed as fashionable/trendy.

Pop up shops begin selling the brand new style, stylist start boasting the trending hair do, and music artists start releasing verses around the hot new brand that they are rocking. Its a never ending cycle that, now with social media, has increased ten fold.

We are in the age of comparing our ever waking moment to the next person due to the ease of social media, which has led to an increase of depression, anxiety, and for some a decrease in self worth. Below are the top fashion trends that I hope stays in 2020 where they belong.

By Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

1. Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery used to be something that was done in secret and never talked about. You got your breast done? Well, those are nice. Butt implants? They make those Jeans look good. It was glanced at, people whispered, and then they moved on. Over the last 10 years it moved on from being a whisper, to shamed, and as of 2020 it was a trend.

Young girls started looking at these influencers and celebrities, who were glorifying getting their body altered to fit a body trend that they themselves created.

Now, before these girls have fully developed into their bodies, they are going under the knife to mirror what they see as "in" for body image. Gone is the time of embracing and loving yourself as is. Gone is working towards a bigger butt through diet and exercise or squats and donkey kicks. Now, they are willing to risk complications and/or death for immediate gratification to looking like their favorite celebrity.

This trend needs to end, not just because of the risks involved, but also because they come and go. One year big butts and breasts can be in and the next its all of a sudden fashionable to be petite. Nothing is wrong with any body type. We are all beautiful and should embrace the beauty we are born with.

"In a society that profits from your self-doubt, loving yourself is a rebellious act."


By Atikh Bana on Unsplash

2.) The Less Is More Trend

What used to be considered indecent exposure is now the new norm. We've all seen it. While I'm all about women loving themselves and embracing their curves its getting really hard to explain to my 6 year old why the lady in front us in line at the grocery store has shorts on with rips right below her butt cheeks and a shirt small enough to be considered a bra. I can understand if you're going out to a club, a beach, or a party of some sorts but as for the everyday look, I'm saying leave it in 2020.

Everything has a time and a place. I think it makes people very uncomfortable to not be able to consent whether or not they want to see certain body parts of someone else.

Now, again, there's nothing wrong with wearing shorts the world just doesn't want to see your butt. There's nothing wrong with wearing crop tops but keep your under boob and nipples to yourself.

By Chan on Unsplash

3.) The Need to Mirror

No I don't mean the literal mirror. I'm talking about the fashion trends that storm through and change the course of everything else that was on it's way to becoming the "it" factor.

2020 created a stream of followers who, instead of finding their own style, mimicked everything shown to them. When Fashion Nova became big every influencer was wearing the same outfit, when certain stylist blew up every artist was using them for the same hairstyle, when a new rapper broke records all other rappers used not only the same sound but also the same names (how many rappers have the name "baby" in it now?) . There was no individuality no trend setters only a bunch of followers both literally and figuratively.

Everyone is starting to look, act, and sound the same. Its becoming rare to see someone who is not jumping on the figurative bandwagon and following the new trend.

Please, leave it in 2020.

"I still appreciate individuality. Style is much more interesting than fashion"

Marc Jacobs

Author's Note:

Again, these are just my personal opinions and I mean no offense to anyone or their fashion decisions. We are all our own person and have a right to dress and/or mimic anyone that we'd like. Remember, we are all beautiful/handsome!

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Blue Dymond
Blue Dymond
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