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Thanksgiving Outfits to 'Suit' your Zodiac Style

by Terra Thorne 2 years ago in tips
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Sorry for the pun, but these cute outfits are too great not to take a look at.

Thanksgiving Outfits to 'Suit' your Zodiac Style
Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holiday's to dress for. During the first part of the day, I get to stay comfy while I rush around in an out of the kitchen. After we have some bunch like appetizers and mimosas, I usually change into something warm for a little fun outdoor either playing football or standing by with the first aid kit while my dad attempts to deep fry the turkey.

Once its time to eat, I get to dress into something more dressy and fun. I tend to stick to a dark color blouse since more often than not I drip cranberry sauce down the front of myself. If shopping for next week has you a little stuck, check out these amazing outfits inspired by your Zodiac sign.

All these looks are featured in the Shein website look book. Check them out for more info on these styles.


Stick to something fun and comfy this year, Aries. You might need a little extra room after stuffing yourself full of sweet potatoes, since you don't do anything on the down low. Remember not to bring up who you voted for with that one family member, you know which one I'm talking about. Keep diner topics casual so that your stubborn side doesn't created tension.


A long flowy skirt should give you all the pretty and romantic vibes that you crave in style while still teetering the line between perfectly dressy and perfectly casual. Don't let your stubborn nature get in the way of enjoying your holiday. If you're cheesecake has a crack or your table-scape isn't symmetrical, it's ok.


You need an outfit that's just a fun and versatile as you are, Gemini. Don't be afraid of a bold print this year! Also don't be afraid to slow down a bit and enjoy the holiday. I know it's important to learn how to make that German potato salad that has been verbally passed down without a written recipe, but it's also important to listen to your family and enjoy your time with them.


Your Thanksgiving outfit should be just as sweet and sentimental as you are, dear Cancer. A soft print and long sleeve dress give vintage fall vibes. Remember that your outfit should be the only thing evoking emotion this year. Don't let family drama or undercooked green beans ruin your mood. Don't take your uncle stance on politics as a personal attack.


Your competitive spirit probably keeps you out playing football just as much as it keeps you in with your family this holiday season. Dressing warm will be a must. Keep the spirit of the game on the field though and leave it away from the table. I might understand you, but there are others that don't think everything we talk about has a winner and a loser.


Being as sensible as you are, Virgo, you should look into a classic blouse and slacks outfit. You can always wear something like this again. Remember that it's ok to venture away from those outfits that have many uses do something bold and impractical. Loosen up a bit, have a second piece of pie!


You always dress sensibly no matter what the occasion. A flouncy shirt like this is the perfect addition to your wardrobe in general and I bet your family loves this top. Remember that you don't always need to be a people pleaser. Do what you can to help out, but if you're asked to bring a pie then bring your favorite flavor! There are not enough banana cream pies this time of year anyway.


Scorpios have a reputation for being a little dark, but that might just be because an all black outfit looks absolutely killer on you! Embrace the darkness and wear something a little bit magical. Make sure that darkness doesn't translate into dark words and feelings towards your family. If they frustrate you, count to ten before you speak.


Although you're friends and family won't say it out loud, we all know you're the life of the party. You can get away with bold skirts and tennis shoes. We all know you're eager to do big things and try something new, but make sure that new dish you bring to dinner isn't too adventurous. There is something to be said about the classic Thanksgiving sides.


Capricorn needs an outfit that works for any and all occasions. You have always been known as the protector among your friends and family. Remember that not everything is an uphill battle and showing your appreciation now might save you a fight later. Make your mom's favorite casserole even if you won't be eating any of it.


We've always known you have a style all your own, Aquarius. You might be the only person who can pull off your style. Your unique taste in clothes has always lead others to know that you are an individual under all circumstance. Remember not to let your aloof personality get in the way of spending quality time with your friends and family. Keep your day dreaming to a minimum, if you can help it. Turn your artistic side from within to crafting with the nieces and nephews.


You're romantic and passionate personality brings you to only the dreamiest of dresses. Whether you are having a very small and intimate friends giving, or a large family party that breaks all pandemic rules, you will look stunning in something a romantic as this dress. Just remember not to day dream much while in the kitchen. Focus on cooking a meal and listening to others.


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