Shopping Wisely

My journey of choosing a path to buy items that will serve a purpose to me.

Shopping Wisely

We love to shop! Whether its clothing, food, or other necessities, we just want it all. But do we have a sense where we buy items with no reason? Here's my story.

I was once like any-other fashionista. Hungry for owning that "it" bag. But, as I grew older, I keep on thinking: "Is it worth my money? Is this bag going to make me popular? Will it serve a purpose in my wardrobe?" Then, I came to saying no. Just no. I'm still a fasionista, but I've grown to a style consisting of Minimalism, Post-avant garde, Goth, Techwear, and Sophisticated.

I love fashion, but now, with what I'm going through, I need to be more conscious with what I buy. Surely, I buy some necessities for my personal use, but that's a completely different story. It's what I want to buy that's been bothering me.

The clothes I used to wear, which are now for sale on my Depop shop, are a waste of my time and money. They didn't even serve a purpose. Hell, I was young at the time.

I've been cutting down on buying fast fashion. I grow a less and less interest for Forever 21. Lately, I heard that they haven't been doing such a great job.

I've taken an interest on buying from small business. They have interesting items, for they are handmade by a person running the business, or a small team. After all, small business are making it big and have become very well known.

I even buy second-hand clothes. I would buy them from ThredUp, Ebay, Poshmark, and Depop. I even bought second-hand designer items from there without recklessly destroying my bank. Hahaha. Even those items are serving a purpose. They even are serving that purpose of building my wardrobe style. Plus, they can be very versatile.

Now, I’m not forcing you to give up all your clothes and start from square one. That would be crazy. What I’m trying to say is that if you have some type of style goal, think about an item that is related to your fashion taste, think deeply about a potential purpose that it will save in you closet, then buy it. Or you can even do bits of investments and time and make something similar to the item. There’s nothing wrong with doing a little bit of DIY. After all, Do-it-yourself projects can save you TONS of money.

From my point of view, I look at an item and think very carefully about the purpose it will serve in my wardrobe, and, if the time is right, I will buy it and enjoy it for years to come!

Sometimes, I can never understand if people just buy recklessly knowing that eventually they’re going to resell the item, make money, and purchase items with no philosophical thinking. And that cycle will continue. But, it is their money and business and I have no intention of interfering. Let them do their own thing.

We do have a fashion sense, but why are we senselessly spending items that would deem useless in our wardrobe to a time where they’ll end up in a landfill, a thrift shop, or a hand me down? Who knows?

There are some people out there who are making ethical choices when it comes to shopping for goods. Props to them.

I’m glad you stayed to read my rants about shopping with a philosophy. Did you learn something? I hope so. Let’s be wise when we step into our favorite store. Happy Shopping!

Tatiana Adamopoulos
Tatiana Adamopoulos
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