Sexiest and Most Comfortable Bras You Can Buy in 2018

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We all want to be attractive, but when it comes to bras, many find them uncomfortable. However, we came across some of the sexiest and most comfortable bras you'll adore.

Sexiest and Most Comfortable Bras You Can Buy in 2018

Looking for a comfortable bra that provides both lift and support as well as flatters your girlies is not as simple as it sounds.

Admit it, you're probably guilty of going braless the second you arrive home each day. Heck, you may be braless most of the day regardless of where you go or who you see.

And don't get me started with how icky it feels to wear a bra in the blazing summer heat, and of course, dealing with the marks and occasional pain your bra may be causing you the times you do actually wear it.

Okay, enough complaining. I discovered some of the sexiest and most comfortable bras that are worth the purchase. Read on to check them out.

First up on our list, we have a lightly lined bra from American Eagle in a shade of burgundy. This shirt bra is has no wires, so no need to worry about getting stabbed by wires when they rip through your bra or having marks underneath your breasts.

The silhouette from the front is fairly simple, but from the back, it has a cute cross-strap design across the regular straps to provide extra support. Best of all, this bra doesn't have clips as it's designed to be pulled over. The latter helps with both comfort and convenience. It's a great everyday bra.

If lace is your thing, you'll love this adorable, lightly lined bralette. While wireless, this simple yet gorgeous bralette still provides lift and support. Even better, this Bali bralette from Macy's has a favorable amount of coverage while still being sexy.

You can purchase this product in four different colors: Latte Lift (pictured), White, Black, or Purple Vista. It truly is one of the must have bras for every woman.

If you're hoping for something more lower-cut, opt for Bloomingdale's Lovesick Strappy Mesh Balconette Underwire Bra. It's petite and sheer appearance dotted with hearts and smaller cup size is equally cute as it is sexy and romantic.

Even though it offers an underwire and hooks in the back, what makes this a comfortable bra is primarily the fact that it has light-weight, soft, non-itchy mesh material on the cups without padding and is equipped with dainty straps.

This next option is a convertible plunge bra. If you aren't acquainted with that term, a plunge bra offers a deep v-neck.

This specific plunge bra offers gorgeous, Bohemian lace, thicker bands in the front and thinner in the back, and gentle hooks, making it comfortable and cute.

Order your Boho Unlined Plunge Bra in any of the following colors: Vanity Peach (pictured), Soft Muslin, Chestnut, Creme Blue, or True Black.

We have another bralette but a little more on the simpler side. Yet, it's still safe to say that it's one of the sexiest and most comfortable bras out there.

This Cabana Cotton Bralette has wireless cups and non-itchy lace trimming for a slightly sexy sensation. Flipping it over on the back, this bralette has accordion-like material around the back clip to allow it to comfortably stretch without squeezing you in the process.

You can purchase this beauty in Navy (pictured) or White.

Whether you consider it a sports bra or a bralette, this Calvin Klein Modern Cotton bra is incredibly cozy, cute, and trendy. How many celebrities, YouTubers, and others in the public eye have you seen flaunting this very sports bra in selfies?

This Calvin Klein sports bra has thin straps, no underwire, and a comfortable elastic band lining the bottom for the ultimate comfort support.

You can get this bralette in Heather Grey (pictured) or Black. It also makes for one of the cutest support bras for big boobs.

This next comfortable bra will either be super cute or super ugly depending on how you see it. However, it looks to me like it'd be something a pixie would wear, making it pretty magical.

This lace bralette is complete with a scoop neck, several thin straps for a beautiful front and back design, and a soft cotton and nylon construction. The longer silhouette of this bra is comfortable as the lace gently hugs around your rib cage.

Made by Le Mystere, this Sheer Illusion Demi Contour Underwire Bra from Bloomingdale's is incredibly attractive, comfortable, yet simple at the same time. It's offered in the colors Black or Natural.

The main aspect that makes this option one of the sexiest and most comfortable bras around is that it acts as a strapless bra in the sense that the cups appear to be freestanding while mesh material hugs over the cups to provide comfortable, thin straps for painless support.

This Sunnie Wireless Lightly Lined Bra in the color Navy is not the same bra we've seen in the first item on this list. It offers a completely different design but is similar it that it offers wireless comfort support and a no-clip, pull-over design.

The blue bralette offers satin-y material and is laced at the bottom to provide sophistication, but sexy doesn't mean uncomfortable! When wearing, one notices that the bra's crossed-straps form a cute keyhole pattern. At the same time, this very design offers greater support.

When it comes to strapless bras, people either hate them or love them. It's not the idea of it being strapless that's bothersome but rather the fact that on some women, they tend to slide around or even slip completely off.

But this Willow Embroidery Strapless Multi-Way Longline Bra offered in an ivory hue does offer thinner straps in case one needs a little extra support. With or without straps, this bra is adorable, and for added comfort, it has lightly lined cups.

Notice how the cups are more horizontal in design rather than angled like most bras. The amount of coverage with a bra like this is a little different in that the tops of the breasts are more exposed, covering the cleavage a tad more while still revealing it.

Last up on our list of the sexiest and most comfortable bras is this Cosabella Lace-Trimmed Wireless Bra from Bloomingdale's in the color Blush.

If you prefer to sleep in your bra, this one is perfect for such as from the lace trim to the soft texture, it's bound to be far from painful. It does have a clip in the back, but the way it's constructed helps maintain comfort. In fact, you might not want to take it off!

While this comfortable bra isn't so pricey that it will put you in major debt, before you drop your jaw at the price, do understand that this is made in Italy. The overall design, support, and coziness offered additionally make it all worth it.

Lizzie Boudoir
Lizzie Boudoir
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