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Resin Jewelry - New Trend in 2021

by lily cool 2 years ago in trends
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Resin Jewelry - New Trend in 2021

Colorful resin rings

In the past few years, metal jewelry has always been a popular trend-chains, bracelets, earrings, etc. made of rose gold, brass, and stainless steel are all sought after. And now resin jewelry has become one of the main accessory trends in 2021.

Resin is actually one of the plastic materials. Because of its easy processing, light weight, high strength and other advantages, it is loved by designers and is used in various fields such as clothing and industry. Because of its easy shaping, transparent material, colorful colors and other characteristics, it has become a common material for jewelry designers. At the same time, its price is very cheap, and it has been liked and tried by more and more people.

In the spring of 2021, the jewellery has changed its jewel-like gorgeousness, highlighting the retro 90s. Whether it's the show or Instagram, they all send out the signal "This summer is the world of resin jewelry!" The demand for acrylic jewelry in the online market is increasing. You can see resin jewelry on every cool girl on Instagram.

This trend has also successfully spread to the luxury goods sector. Dior, Bottega Veneta, Chloé, Versace, etc. all launched resin jewelry in the spring of 2021.

The color selection of resin material is very rich, and it is more suitable for the more active season of spring and summer than any material jewelry, and it can be matched very well. Acrylic resin jewelry is cheaper than other materials, and it can be perfectly matched with spring-scented manicure.

Their bold color combination maximizes the jelly feel and provides a hint of coolness in summer.

If you like exaggerated style, colorful resin signet ring is a good choice. Whether worn alone or stacked together, it will undoubtedly enhance your mood and simplify your spring and summer outfits.

Combining metal and resin, in addition to being cute, it is a bit cool. The high-saturation colors are super nice with futuristic metal.

Reuse plastic into a beautiful ring, combining environmental protection concepts with fashion. Wearing them all over your hand is more eye-catching.

Among the resin jewelry, there is a kind of jewelry made of natural flowers, plants, leaves, shells and animals, which will let you experience a kind of natural beauty. This type of jewelry uses real flowers, trees, stones, shells, etc., to be buried in resin to make beautiful and unique "jewelry". Pieces of glamorous jewelry, through the designer's pure hand-made, condensed the designer's unique creativity, displayed in front of the world. You can even see the lines on the leaves clearly, and feel the beautiful visual enjoyment it brings under the light and shadow, which is amazing!

The most beautiful moments of plants such as flowers and leaves have been preserved forever. The colorful nature is housed in small jewelry, which is wonderful and moving.

If you don't want to buy resin jewellery online, manual DIY is also possible. The production is also very simple. You can find related tutorials on Google and YouTube.

How to maintain resin jewelry and accessories?

Now that we have purchased the jewelry made of acrylic resin material, if we want to keep it attractive for a long time, we must maintain and maintain it.

1.Acrylic jewelry is easily worn and scratched if it has not undergone special treatment or added wear-resistant materials. For general dust handling, rinse with a soft brush or clean water, and then wipe it with a soft cloth. If the surface is oily, you can add water with a mild detergent and wipe it with a soft cloth.

2.If you want to make the acrylic jewelry bright and beautiful, you can use liquid polishing wax, and finally wipe it evenly with a soft cloth.

3.If the jewelry is accidentally damaged, it can be connected with methylene chloride or quick-drying adhesive.

4.If the jewelry is accidentally scratched, or the surface is worn but not very serious, polishing agent can be used. Put polishing wax on the surface of the jewelry and polish it evenly.

5.When wearing and storing acrylic resin jewelry, it should be protected from heavy pressure, collision, high temperature and strong acid. Try to avoid wearing jewelry during exercise and labor, otherwise it is easy to cause deformation or breakage and loss.

6.Avoid putting acrylic jewelry with sweat, hair spray, perfume, skin care products, soap, etc. When washing and bathing, take off the accessories in time to prevent them from encountering alkali, chlorine and bleach.

7.For some colored jewelry, try to avoid strong light exposure or soaking in high temperature water, otherwise, it will affect its beautiful color.

8.Do not wipe the dirt on the jewelry hard, so as not to abrade the surface of the jewelry and affect the gloss. After the jewelry is taken off, it should be stored in a soft cloth bag, so that the luster of the jewelry will last forever.

9.Remember to store and place the jewelry after it is dry to prevent moisture from tarnishing the acrylic jewelry. Different jewelry is stored in separate compartments to prevent the jewelry from rubbing and scratching each other and affecting the texture.


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