Reason First: Can the Jordan XIII 'Lakers' Bring an End to Violence Over Sneakers?

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With the July 20 release of the Jumpman brand shoes, can sneakerheads and others find ways to remain peaceful?

Reason First: Can the Jordan XIII 'Lakers' Bring an End to Violence Over Sneakers?

The Anthony Davis trade to the Los Angeles Lakers may prove to be a boom for the Jumpman brand. With the duo of Davis and Lebron James on the same squad now, the Air Jordan “Lakers” sneakers might be a hot seller. Fans and supporters will have the opportunity to match the exclusive kicks with those purple jerseys. Because James already wears a 23 on his jersey, Davis will be in a position to change the number, as he once played with the figure popularized by Mr. Michael Jordan himself. The internet has already devised a plan for Anthony to take the number 21. From the brain of legendary designer, Tinker Hatfield, and Jordan the sneaker, which was popularized in the Spike Lee film, He Got Game (1998), saw inspiration from the paw of a panther. Complete with a hologram and the Jumpman symbol, a basketball, and the number 23, the sneaker have been reissued numerous times. Now Lakers fans can sport their Lebron or Davis jerseys to the game, at the bar, or in the comforts of home. On July 20, these faithful will be able to witness a possible playoffs run, and maybe even a Finals appearance during the 2019 to 2020 season.

The sneakers will be sought after, much like the shoes that have been marketed in the past. As the new gangsters on the scene, sneakerheads have been notorious for shooting up locations and at people in line for the exclusive footwear. Numerous reports have been broadcast regarding fatalities related to the popularity of the famous sneaker brand. Lives have been lost just so someone can jump their way on the court, only to be found out about and sentenced to prison time. Mr. Jordan’s associates always state that the culprits should be apprehended and that the sneaker community is robust and largely about expression.

But the sneakers are beautiful for anyone, sneakerhead or not. The majority of the sneaker is white, with patches of black and a purple sole. The panther effect really pops out from the sneakers. If the community is behind buying and wearing and trading and sharing these coveted sneaks, the hype behind the Lebron/AD connection may prove to be the catalyst for peace to the miscreants disrupting the even flow of funds, who wish to only wreak havoc on law abiding, smart working citizens. If such characteristics only seek destruction and chaos, they ought to reexamine and choose their stance and choose cognition over emotion.

The Air Jordan XIII “Lakers” edition should encourage fans and supporters to embrace the colorways of the sneakers. Purple means royalty and that extends to earned royalty as it is in America. The purple starts to stand out from all of the white and the wearer should feel as though he or she is taking on the role of an earned emperor. Just having those sneakers on one’s feet or packed in plastic as a collector’s item brings joy to the many sneakerheads, who peacefully want to further their role in buying into the iconic Jumpman brand. Though, ironically, Lebron and AD will not be wearing the sneakers, Lakers fans can find refuge that they can own and cherish these special pieces of history. Already a billionaire, based mainly on the brand that he created, Mr. Jordan can rest assured that the sneakers will be able to sell, thus adding more dollars to his ever-expanding fortune. Through all of the misunderstanding and the way that the brand was clouded by violence (like the hologram after a few wears) the sneaker company remains a tremendous force in the business of footwear and apparel. The “Lakers” sneaker should launch Jumpman even further into the stratosphere.

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