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by Courtney Seever 10 months ago in shopping

A Closet Upgrade

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Like many people lately I have heard of Stitch Fix several times but only recently decided to try it for myself. A little bit of background to explain my hesitation. As far back as I can remember, I have always hated clothes shopping for a variety of reasons. Being from a smaller town there were limited options and getting my grandmother and legal guardian to agree with me on anything that I liked was excessively difficult. Admittedly when it came to style I have a long history of being lazy because I was always involved in multiple extracurricular activities that usually provided t-shirts. By the time I got old enough to care about looking cute I had no idea where to start and with most of my friends being guys there was no outside help. My style became resigned to functionality over fashion and acquiring new clothes became a matter of what activities I was doing or who of my circle had old shirts that I could adopt. When I heard about Stitch Fix I was largely in disbelieve about the stylists being able to come up with something cute that I would like and I have issues spending money on myself in general.

In all honesty, I don't know what made me change my mind but in March of 2021 I decided to give it a shot because if nothing else I could send it all back free of charge if I didn't like it. My first box contained five items and I ended up keeping all of them. Its the first time I have bought myself clothes because I liked them not because that specific item checked a box of something I needed. Admittedly I had to spend a little bit of time convincing myself that it was okay to spend the money on myself despite how much I enjoyed the fit and style of everything in the box. I got a button up 3/4 sleeve shirt, a graphic tee, a nice black blouse, a black denim jacket and a pair of jeans. Everything that I received in my first box proved me wrong. Until that box had shown up I didn't believe that a simple style quiz would be enough for strangers to understand something that I have issues knowing about myself.

One of the questions on the style quiz was to inquire if I was looking for anything particular. Nothing came to mind because like I said, I have issues knowing how to shop for myself. When I opened the box and saw the denim jacket I remembered the two or three that I had owned in high school but outgrown. It was something that I always told myself I wanted another one of but didn't think about when I was filling out the quiz. I am so happy to have caved to all the persuasion to try Stitch Fix. In particular two of my favorite podcasts advertised for it, so I was hearing the pitch constantly. If you are on the fence or haven't heard about Stitch Fix take my advise and give it a shot. If they send you something that you don't like you can send it back in the provided pre-paid return packaging and you only pay for what you keep.

As a single mom, I look for any reason I can to avoid going out shopping but was so happy to have something to spoil myself. Recently Stitch Fix added children sizes to the repertoire and we are eagerly waiting the arrival of my two-year-old's first box. For those parents who are fabric conscious the style quiz for kids does give an option for avoiding certain materials. This allows me to get new clothes without having to spend time out and about before eventually settling for something that I don't hate. Stitch Fix also gives the opportunity for variety in my kids wardrobe that goes beyond the big box store options available in my area.

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Courtney Seever

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