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Once Upon A Time’s Emma Swan Is Leading the Way with Her Exceptional Costumes

Emma Swan Exceptional Costumes

By Jackets For youPublished 4 years ago 2 min read

If you are a fan of character development and long-running television series, Once Upon A Time is your ultimate show for an epic storyline of falling to darkness to huge redemptions. The show has been on the air for seven years and came to a striking end a couple of years ago. While the wounds of the finale are still fresh in some hearts, the show remains binge-watch worthy even today.

The mind-blowing fantasy adventure drama series came back every year with a power-packed cast and a phenomenal range of outfit goals. The storyline develops from a very dramatic scene where the Evil Queen enters as a joy-kill at the wedding of Snow White and Prince Charming to curse everyone that will leave her with the only happy ending. As a result of her complex curse, the majority of the characters are transported within a blink to the town of Storybrooke, Maine, where most of them have been left wandering without their original memories and identities as their true fairy tale selves.

The show then goes on even after the curse is broken and characters are bound to settle with their dual identities. The whole series has many guest appearances from our childhood fiction heroes and heroines. It is a fairy tale in every sense without the typical antics of a fairy tale. It has scenes where the modern world of practicality collides with an unreal world of fantasies giving its viewers an awesome opportunity to leave the too real woes of everyday life and escape everything.

Emma Swan and Her Beautiful Appearances

Emma Swan, famous as the Savior in the fantasy land and the Greatest Light, also known as the Dark One or the Dark Swan and alternatively called Princess Emma, is an awe-inspiring character and the lead star on ABC's Once Upon a Time. The magical being is inspired from the original fairy tale of The Ugly Ducklings.

Jennifer Morrison graces us with her exceptional acting skills as the Swan in the hit TV series and plays the iconic role until the series’ finale. She is the epitome of fan-fictions in the teenager’s diaries and a breath of fresh air in the saturated savage world of action and adventure. The actress has a flamboyant style throughout the series but specially in season six where she is more connected to the modern world or as we may like to call it – our world.

The female fans of the fantasy genre are always in for a treat with this character as they rarely get a chance to show their true colors of being a fan-girl. Jennifer’s too perfect to recreate looks are still at the top of our lists for cosplays this year. The number of chic costumes showcased by the actress has given a fair opportunity to the loyal fans to keep recreating the extraordinary looks for the up and coming events.

One of the costumes that stood out even among the fairy tale dress is the Jennifer Morrison Red Jacket. It not only serves the purpose of being a costume but also works as a trendy and hot top layer. Super chic and sassy, the jacket is introduced during a plot twist in the series and has successfully caught the limelight. Cutthroat, headstrong, and fierce ladies can easily bring a bold and bright change to their grim outfits by creating outfit inspirations for many others with this awesome piece. Let Emma Swan’s stylebook give you more than a costume this season!

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