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Necklaces for a variety of necklines

by Monali Swain 6 months ago in women

What goes with what?

Necklaces (Geoffreys Diamonds)

Even if you do have many necklaces in your little jewelry, how do you know what goes with what? Which of those necklaces will go with your dress? If you need a style quotient to set things up a notch you may want to check out our little guide to do so.

So, hop along and make the most of this information.

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Whether it is a lunch date with your colleagues or an after-office party, it gets messier when you have to decide what to wear and how to carry it with your dress. Some of the basic questions that start making rounds in your head may be:

How to pull the combination of necklace and dress off?

Which necklace will suit my office wear?

How to keep it elegant and sophisticated at the same time?

There are plenty of questions, so we need to answer them all before coming up with an outstanding decision.

Necklaces that go with different necklines

If you know which necklace goes with what necklines, your problem can be solved quickly. It’s actually how you style your dresses with these little diamond necklace accessories that make you stand out in the crowd.

Whether it is to find necklaces for that go with round, high, or bib necklines we have got you all covered. Here, are a few for you to check out.

A necklace that can go with a bib collar neckline

Crew neck or bib collar is a close-fitting, rounded neckline that is something you will find in every girl’s wardrobe. It is a common neckline and adding an appropriate necklace will help you get an extraordinary look. A necklace with a center pattern with a drizzle of tiny diamonds would look great with the neckline. You can also stack multiple chains with creative diamond pendants to add fun elements to your outlook.

  • Necklaces for the boat neckline

When you are wearing a boat-neck neckline dress you could work with layers of necklaces or just a necklace layering. Instead of going with a specific single necklace, you can go for layers. Thin necklaces with geometrically patterned pendants look good with the boat neck. The addition of a few tiny diamonds can give you a high-class look.

Even if you are trying to crack an office look this would go with the fashion chains ending just above the waist. This would make your 9-9 plans a dream. Black beauty necklaces are also a good option for this kind of neckline.

  • Necklace for the collared neckline

Dresses with collared necklines require something long to go with them. The short diamond necklace can make your neck look cluttered with a collar neck. So, it will be best if you could try a prominent diamond pendant dangling from a long chain to rest well over the outfit. A heart-shaped diamond pendant or a geometric design can complete the chic look.

  • Necklace for a scoop neckline

Scoop necklines come with a U-shaped cut. The exposed space of your neck can look bare without a necklace. Filling it with an optimum volume of necklace can sit well with the attire. A broader necklace would not just fill the place but make your neckline attractive. You can try out a double-chain of lariats or fringe-style for the ‘wow factor. Go for the one that comes with tiny trinkets, bling here and there to catch the light.

  • Necklace for strapless dress

Off-shoulder or strapless dresses have always been in the trend. When you have beautiful neck and shoulder blades, then why not show them off. It can be pastel or print. You can also go for solid colors to give you a fun-frolic style. To go with such a chic dress, you need a trendy choker necklace. In a choker, you get a variety of designs. You can add your choice of gemstone or colorless, well-cut diamonds to your choker. This will make people fall in love with your style and boldness.

  • A necklace that goes with a V-neckline

V-neck dresses are fun to wear and when it comes to selecting jewelry to go with the outfit it makes things easy. You can quickly select a matching triangular V-shaped necklace or a pendant to accentuate the look. Going for a motif can take your dressing sense a notch up. Here, you can go for colored diamond jewelry or black and gold chain styles. It will give your dress a great outlook.

Geoffreys Diamonds

No matter what you wear, a little bit of thinking put to the jewelry can accentuate the look making it way more attractive. You can mismatch the styles and dresses with your jewelry collection to see what suits best with your body structure and face size. Going by the style trends you will see that it doesn’t have to be high fashion jewelry to make things work your way.


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