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Natural Alexandrite: Timeless Gift for the June Born

by Eric Baker 2 months ago in shopping
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Alexandrite Birthstone

Color Changing Alexandrite

Why do we prefer Birthstones?

Birthstones are well known for their utterly healing properties. Their colorful spark can release the blockages of energies in our physical, mental & spiritual space. Every natural gemstone exerts healing energy of its own which can make us composed and relaxed. This unique quality of each stone enables us to heal.

Birthstones can build strong spiritual links between you & your loved ones. These superpower gemstones transfer positive energy & strengthen your connection with dear ones. You can protect your children, family members & friends by harnessing the power of birthstones.

All about June Birthstone-Alexandrite


Historically, official birthstones were selected in the year 1912 by the National Association of Jewels in the United States. Though, the idea of birthstones was present from biblical times. For instance, in the book of Exodus (28:17–20), it is mentioned that there were twelve gemstones on the prophet Aaron's breastplate "There were 12 stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel, each engraved like a seal with the name of one of the 12 tribes". According to variation of this birthstone list, natural alexandrite excellently connects with the planetary sign of June-born babies.

Natural Alexandrite

Features of Alexandrite

Glorious past: The alexandrite is a comparatively newly discovered stone than any other gemstone that has been a part of history. It is said that this stone was uncovered in emerald mines beside Tokovaya River in the Russian Ural Mountains in the early 19th century and was found at the time of Russian monarch Alexander II came to rule.

The alexandrite effect: The color-changing alexandrite is one of the scarcest gemstones found in the world. Gem lovers often narrate it in the phrase'' emerald by day, ruby by night''. Its rich grass green hues during the day and an intense raspberry red during the night make it a must-have for everybody's collection. 

Durability: It is worth mentioning that alexandrite is softer compared to sapphire & stronger than garnet, with a Mohs hardness of 8.5.

Lifelong value: Because it is found rarely in nature, alexandrite turns out to be an expensive & worthy investment. The highest quality alexandrite is mined from Russia's renowned reserves whereas lighter color stones come from Sri Lanka, Brazil, and East Africa.

Make sure you follow these 4Cs before going to buy natural alexandrite for your June-born love once:

1. Understand Alexandrite Color: The most unique attribute of natural alexandrite is its color. The principle is the greater the color saturation in the stone, the higher its value. In the case of alexandrite, along with color, the color shift is equally important, An alexandrite with a distinct color shift will be a remarkable gift for your June-born buddy. 

2. Recognize Alexandrite Clarity: Sometimes there are blemishes or impurities present in the alexandrite which otherwise looks very beautiful. Such impurities are called inclusions which affect the clarity of the stone. In order to gift a truly splendid alexandrite, you must look for one in which inclusions are not visible with the bare eye.

3. Determine Alexandrite Cut: Alexandrite is a pretty sturdy gemstone and due to its hardness it can be cut or faceted in many ways. Some of the most popular cuts are round, brilliant, cushion, Ascher, etc. Choose a cut and shape that goes well with the predilection of the recipient. 

4. Estimate Alexandrite Carat Weight: As alexandrite is rare & also has limited deposits in the world, it is a worthy investment. If you have a budget constant then you can a gift natural alexandrite to the June born in two ways:

  • First, buy heavier alexandrite with less color change so that you can gift the size but not much of the magical Alexandrite Effect attribute.
  • Second, buy a smaller piece that exhibits a distinct quality of color change.

According to Russian legends, the June birthstone brings good fortune, love, and positivity. It is often referred to as an excellent catalyst to exercise discipline & self-control. Alexandrite brings the balance of interaction between the physical world and the spiritual world and it is a beautiful gift for the June-born for all time. For the June-born brides-to-be, an alexandrite engagement ring can be the most distinguishing gift.

For any occasion such as wedding, graduation, anniversary, and birthdays falling in June, natural alexandrite jewelry can be the most suitable gift. Visit GemsNY to select the best natural alexandrite jewelry gift for your sweethearts!


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