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My Name In Lovely and Exotic Personalised Arabic Name Necklace

Personalized Jewelry in 14k Gold

By Mohammad BarkatiPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

One of the most important and savory things about the overall jewelry industry is the extent of personalizations and differences with respect to jewelry styles and creation techniques according to geographical factors. Different regions are popular due to different forms of jewelry styles and techniques.

These specific techniques have come to be so well recognized and popular around the world that specific regions have come to be related with these jewelry styles. Arabic countries for example, have seen its jewelry making styles be inspired and influenced by various other well recognized styles.

Arabic jewelry includes elaborate names and gold and silver designs that can be considered to be “over the top”, and was often seen in vintage western jewelry pieces. Further, Arabic jewelry also has a tendency to be available across different types of vendors and jewelers around the world.

As far as the basic designs are considered Arabic jewelry do not shy away from the use of elaborately large gemstones that are used to further accentuate each jewelry piece’s features. Further, there are hundreds of pieces that are sold on an everyday basis that contain specific text and messages that can be of different kinds.

One on hand, we have religious jewelry pieces that might hold specific religious messages that are important to people or a specific religion’s history. These pieces work well to remind people of their religion and are also suitable to be worn on a variety of occasions, accompanied with different kinds of pieces.

These jewelry pieces work to signify the religious aspect of an individual’s personality. Apart from communication, they also work to perfectly capture the person’s emotions, and makes people feel as if god is always watching over them. Of course, while buying these necklaces there are several things that a person will be required to keep in mind.

This includes the overall quality and the suitability of the jewelry piece, along with whether the piece has been created using the best quality resources available to the jeweler. Of course, there are not a lot of different designs and styles available in the market, when it comes to personalized Arabic jewelry pieces.

There are many reasons behind it. This is a trend which has only taken off in specific parts of the world. Various people of specific Arabic countries and religions have been seen to the most common buyers of these pieces. A person who does not know Arabic will seldom look at such handmade pieces, regardless of the quality of craftsmanship and the overall visual beauty of the individual piece.

Over the years, we have tried out various different types of styles and designs when it came to Arabic engraved jewelry pieces. Various necklaces and bracelets end up with bulky designs that do not complement the overall uniqueness of the design. Regardless, in this article, we look at one of the oldest jewelry pieces that we have been selling, the arabic name necklace.

Personalised arabic name necklace

As the name suggests, the Personalized Arabic Name necklace features the option of having any name or word of the individual’s liking. The necklace has a unique and sophisticated design which takes inspiration from the concept of minimalism. Due to the lack of people who typically end up buying the arabic name necklace, we create these pieces on custom orders, which means that you will only be receiving the product three to four weeks after placing the order.

arabic name necklace

On the other hand, these pieces are fully handmade, and come with a variety of customizations so that the final piece ends up exceeding the customers’ expectations.

At Vardui Kara, we have a plethora of returning customers who understand the value and respect our craftsmanship. We create 100% handmade pieces that are totally made and manufactured in the US. These pieces have elaborate design features and come with unique text-styles that further add to the value of each piece.

Finally, as you can see in the picture above, the arabic name necklace is simply one of our most mesmerizing personalized necklaces out there.


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