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Moldavite Jewelry: The Most Appreciated Stone in The Gemworld

by Magalena Campbell 3 months ago in trends

Wholesale Moldavite Jewelry

Moldavite Jewelry

This stone is recognized for its cosmic and extraterrestrial properties. Real moldavite jewelry is often called a transformative creation. This translucent forest green gem with surreal uniqueness is formed in the procedure of asteroid impact almost 15 million years ago. Mineral collectors are in awe of its specimens and aesthetic appeal in accessories, thus appreciate its spiritual virtue. 

What's Special in its Formation? 

With the creation of incredible jewelry comes the interest of gem enthusiasts to know more about its formation. These impactful specimens are said to come from meteorites or impactites. And are referred to as the mineraloid because of no crystalline structure. This process led to the breaking of asteroids into pieces that had fallen in the countries like the Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria. Thus, you can find the demanded brown and green colored varieties in unusual shapes and many places due to its evergreen charm on fashion freaks. 

Why is Moldavite a Lucky Gemstone? 

Moldavite is referred to as a lucky amulet stone from ancient times and is associated with the heart chakras. This surreal creation promotes complete emotional and physical stability to mind and soul. In fact, the high vibrational energies awaken the spirits, thus propels the focus to perform complicated tasks with ease. Moreover, the cosmic relevance to this gemstone helps in stimulating the metaphysical attributes. Therefore, this translucent stone enhances peace by connecting your spiritual energies while meditating. It is an actual past healer stone that helps an individual forget about the harsh memories to live a stress-free life. Basically, it clears off the baggage from the past, and continuous usage intensifies the self-awareness for those struggling with a lack of confidence or mood swings. 

How does Moldavite Cater to the Present Lifestyle? 

Present time scenarios have changed the lifestyle to a great extent. With more hectic schedules, people are leaning towards a peaceful life. And trusting the power of gemstones is one of the best ways to release stress. Moldavite is a powerful gemstone that promotes calmness through its extra-terrestrial properties and beautifully caters to present life issues. Some important areas include: 

• Improves memory and brainpower 

• Brings tranquility

• Develops trust and love in the busy relationships 

• Solves the problems of the heart and respiratory diseases. 

• Fosters the fortune and well being

• Caters to the issues surrounding women, mainly hormonal and pregnancy-related problems. 

How to Identify the Real or Fake Moldavites? 

It's quite easy to identify genuine moldavite jewelry with many varieties containing air bubbles, majorly in the round, elongated way formed under cooling impact. This can be visible under 10x magnification and has a lower refractive index. This basically ranges between 1.47 to 1.51 scale, which is relatively lower than any other mineral and man-made glasses. Also, you could see some specimens in wire-shaped inclusions and lechatelierite. To be precise, it's certainly not a green glass imitation. Moldavite is a translucent gemstone with a mossy outlook, manifesting air bubbles and swirls.

The key to handle counterfeiters is through ascertaining the originality of your moldavite gem through clarity and inclusions. Because a flawless piece with no inside composition will be, of course, fake for your wholesale gemstone collection. And with its demand and beauty comes the responsibility of authenticity. Also, genuineness in stone decides the transmission of healing in a full-fledged way. As moldavite is a healer and promotes benefits to the entire personality, that can only be assured with the real moldavite jewelry and its continuation over a long time. As a smart consumer, be sure of the above-mentioned aspects for your next time moldavite purchase.

Wholesale Moldavite Jewelry

Know the Value and Price of Moldavite

While buying the gemstone, be sure of its price and value. And like most of the gemstones, moldavite's value is dependent on the color and clarity. The brightness in the green shades of moldavite, along with the inclusions, defines its real value. For instance, the greener hues are more valuable and expensive than brownish shades and other tints of yellow and white streaks. The level of clarity in your favorite moldavite ring signifies the price, followed by the other factors of carat size and weight. It looks more elegant and catches the eye when worn in a moldavite pendant on a pencil or body con dress. 

Why Moldavite is a Misnomer? 

The misnomer is a term used mostly for wrongly identifies objects and people. And moldavite falls perfectly in this category. To add more to your knowledge, moldavite is called glass meteorite, glass chrysolite, false chrysolite, bohemian chrysolite, which doesn't associate with its identity and attributes. 

Rananjay exports offer genuine gemstone jewelry to its retailers worldwide. The uniqueness is evident in the fine craftsmanship, which is perfect to upgrade your wholesale moldavite jewelry collection. Get the best ensembles with complete affordability. 


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