Men’s Fashion Trends 2020: Time to be a trendsetter now

New styles are nothing more than the reinterpretation of the past. From streetwear to classic pieces, everything revolutionizes to become better. This 2020’s gonna be for a bold fashion statement.

Men’s Fashion Trends 2020: Time to be a trendsetter now

Now, let’s get into the list of 7 fashion trends.

1- High-rise Pants

We ain’t talking here to follow Harry Styles, don’t go too far like rise it to your chest. We’re looking for a Lil-bit higher than your usual pants. They are gonna be super trendy this year.

These pants are coming with different variations, and look super cool. Wear them just underneath your belly-button. Pick any type like jeans, chinos or dress pants, they’ll add some extra style to your outfit.

2- Men’s Rings

Drop your perception, that it will not suit your masculine vibes. You just need to pick the one, that goes with your personality. If you follow the hipster style or a kind of edgy, you can try some really casual pieces like a skull ring, or some badass biker piece. But if you are, more of the contrary, you can go for stainless steel or simple clean black bend.

This beautiful year is all about rings. Add some edgy touch to your outfit by throwing some quality rings. Put them denim jacket or leather jacket, or even with a suit. And your look will be upgraded instantly.

3- Stacked Heels Boots

Stacked Boots are basically the level up from Chelsea Boots with a bit of extra height. These are really cool pieces that make you look more stylish and taller.

If you’re new to these, you’ll take some time to get used to it. But literally, the sleekness they offer is definitely gonna raise your style statement.One more important thing, this is the signature look of Shawn Mendes. You’ll be surprised to see the different patterns and colors of these boots. Just Experiment them with your look.

4- Double Breasted Suit

Basically, fashion is a thing that always comes back around. Double-breasted suits were out of trend, but making a strong comeback in 2020. But, these suits are a bit loose or oversized this time, unlike supertight and muscled fit, these were used to be.

They’ve become advanced throughout the last few years so now, you can wear it, in a more casual way also. And for that, you can wear it with some plain or graphic t-shirts. It’ll definitely elevate your style, and makes you look unique.

5- Monochrome or Single Color

Another important aspect of Men’s fashion trends 2020 is Monochrome. Simple rule, pick one color and wear it from head to toe. You may use some similar shades, like a dark grey shirt with black trousers.

And if you combine them with similar or contrasting footwear and accessories, then your style statement is the next level.

You need to be updated with Men's Fashion Trends, if you want to dominate your style in 2020.

6- Vintage Watches

Vintage watches have made strong come in late 2019 and gonna be a popular thing in 2020.

We have noticed the trend going from those massive bulky watches to smaller timepieces. And Vintage watches are honestly a great investment for this 2020. Even we see them going at crazy prices at high-end auctions.

That’s all for today. Follow these suggestions to upgrade your style, and win 2020.

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