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Make An Offbeat Choice With An Aquamarine Necklace

Aquamarine Necklace - A Choice of Every Woman

By Mariya SmithPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Looking for a unique gemstone for your necklace? Aquamarine would surely be an offbeat choice that will set you apart from others.

Aquamarine, a rare gemstone known for its serene oceanic blue shade, compels every jewelry admirer to add this magical stone to their jewelry box. The underrated glamour of bluish aquamarine has charmed royals and many known celebrities and added a layer of elegance to their appearance.

The marvellous beauty of aquamarine will elevate the appearance of your necklace and go perfectly well with your unique style statement. You can instantly take your style game to the next level with a stunning piece of aquamarine stone necklace. Whether it’s a party or casual occasion, you can always pair your outfit with an elegant aquamarine necklace to draw attention to you.

Let’s quickly check out some of the best aquamarine necklace options that will make you look unapologetically beautiful.

Solitaire Necklace

Solitaire is simple and elegant, yet it is the most coveted choice when it comes to styling yourself uniquely. The aquamarine in the solitaire setting is captivating and makes you look gorgeous. You can design your solitaire aquamarine necklace in various styles. For example, you can use a prong setting to lift the charm of your necklace.

You can also select the shape of the stone as per your liking to design a necklace that complements your overall appearance. The round-cut is considered an ideal cut for the solitaire aquamarine necklace and it gives a bossy look to the wearer. If you’re gifting this aquamarine solitaire necklace to your loved one, select an infinity pendant shape that will symbolize your everlasting love for her.

Heart-shaped Necklace

Are you a romantic person at heart? Then get yourself an aquamarine heart-shaped necklace that will add charm to your character. This timeless piece of jewelry will be a great choice and match the elegance of your outfit. You can pair this stunning necklace with any outfit to look beautiful. The oceanic blue shade of the aquamarine will make your necklace look sophisticated and give you an offbeat appearance.

You can also embellish your aquamarine necklace with tiny pave diamonds to enhance the brilliance of the centerstone. The small encircling diamonds will provide an excellent sparkle to the centerstone and capture the eyes of everyone at any event. You can pair this incredible necklace with an evening gown or any party-wear outfit to dress up perfectly for the occasion.

Two-stone Necklace

Two-stone necklace is one of the most popular pieces of jewelry among millennials and gen z. In French, a two-stone necklace is known as toi et moi necklace, meaning ‘You and Me.’ So, if you’re looking for a perfect gift for your woman, a two-stone aquamarine pendant will be an ideal pick. This necklace will convey your endless love and commitment to her.

You can pair your aquamarine two-stone necklace with any gemstone of your choice that goes well with your personality. If you’re going for a party, fashion yourself with a gorgeous aquamarine two-stone necklace to enjoy all the attention at the event.

Three-stone Necklace

If you love to wear multi-stone jewelry, then a three-stone aquamarine pendant will add stars to your personality. The three stones in the pendant symbolize love, friendship and fidelity, making it a perfect piece of jewelry for couples. Add this necklace to your collection to style yourself beautifully.

You can make your three-stone aquamarine pendant breathtaking by embedding color gemstones on either side of the centerstone. For example, ruby and sapphire are preferable options that can enhance the beauty of the aquamarine three-stone pendant. Or, if you love to play with diamonds, consider having small diamonds on both sides of the centerstone to make your necklace exceptional.

You can also gift this extraordinary aquamarine three-stone necklace to your special one, where each stone is a symbol of your true love and care for her.

Halo Necklace

Halo pendants are always known for providing extra sparkle to the centerstone, making them one of the most coveted pieces of jewelry every woman wants to add to their collection. The aquamarine will look eye-catching as the surrounding diamonds will provide extra sparkle to the centerstone.

You can choose pear-cut aquamarine to make your halo pendant look resplendent. The pear-cut aquamarine will also be a symbol of your bold and courageous personality and make you look confident at any event. This pendant can also be a perfect gift for birthdays and anniversaries. You can gift this versatile piece of jewelry to your significant other to show your utmost love for her.

The tranquil aquamarine is always the right choice to make when it comes to fashioning yourself with a stone that gives you a classy appearance. Add the above-stated aquamarine necklaces to your collection that will cover all your special occasions.


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