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Look Flawless and Natural in 3 Easy Steps

by Zuleika Boekhoudt 12 months ago in tips
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Look your best in 10 minutes and in 3 easy steps.

Let's be honest with ourselves. Not many of us want or like to get up early in the morning and spend our time beating our faces. Sometimes we want to throw caution to the wind and be comfortable and go to work in our onesie. But, unfortunately, we can't do that because of obvious reasons. But what can you do to shorten that time and still look your best? Follow these steps to look your best and natural self with minimal effort.


This step is unavoidable and necessary. You need to have a clean base to look your ultimate best. It's like starting a painting. You can't begin on a dirty canvas because your work will not shine. So why would you do that to your face?

Use warm water and your favorite cleanser, and wash your face for 30 seconds to a minute with an (electric) face cleanser. But if you don't have one, that's ok, use your clean hands instead. Rinse off and finish by dabbing your face with a face towel - one that's only used for your face. Next, use a toner as it helps regulate your face's sebum (oils) levels. Finally, moisturize.

Time: 2 - 3 minutes

STEP #1: Prime, Prime, Prime

The next step is to prime your face, and we're not talking about Amazon Prime. A makeup primer is a base or the pre-foundation for your face makeup. By adding a primer to your routine, your makeup will go on smoother and last longer.

There are many formulas for different skin types. But those that you would find at your beauty supply store are cream, gel, powder, or liquid. However, to help your canvas, a.k.a. your face to look its best choose a primer that's a multi-tasker. So, pick a primer that can do multiple things at once, like oil control, fill in fine lines, wrinkles, and pores.

Time: 30 Seconds


Foundation is one of those items that you need to splurge on and choose correctly. Because people will notice if your face and neck color don't match. One of my favorite foundations is Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation Stick. It's a high-quality foundation that comes in almost every shade and is for all skin tones and types.

So, after moisturizing, lightly apply the foundation across your foreheads, cheeks, nose, and chin. Next comes the exciting part. As I mentioned, a foundation can make or break you. But how you blend it is also important. So, use a full coverage brush, like the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush. Then, gently blend the foundation onto the skin. Be sure to add extra foundation where there's any redness or imperfections.

Apply a sheer finish pressed powder to set and perfect the foundation for a smooth, flawless finish. Pick a powder that has Vitamin E, which reduces UV damage, is oil-free, and oil-absorbing. Gently pat the powder on your face with the included puff or a brush. Try to cover areas that tend to shine. Reapply as needed throughout the day to absorb excess oil.

Time: 2 - 3 minutes


By Damir Spanic on Unsplash

Ok, we've done the most challenging part. Now comes the fun part. Here is where many people lose track of time, and without realizing it, they're late. So, if you want to enjoy your beauty sleep but still look amazing, then stick to these steps.


Some of us are blessed with full and nicely-shaped eyebrows. Others need a little bit of help. Whichever category you fall into, your eyebrows need some TLC. The key here is to multitask with one tool, pick up an eyebrow pencil with a brush. Then, brush your brows into place and fill in where necessary.

Time: 1 - 2 minutes


Grab a waterproof pencil eyeliner and line your waterline, upper and lower. Start by using the eyeliner on your upper waterline, a.k.a tightlining. It may feel a little weird at first and you may hurt yourself. But practice makes perfect once you're done, move on to your lower waterline.

Once again, some are blessed with long thick eyelashes, while others can use a coat or two of mascara. Once again, pick your favorite mascara and apply as many coats as you deem necessary. Please take your time and make sure you cover all of your lashes. You don't want to accidentally touch your eyelids.

Time: 1 - 2 minutes


In the final step, you can either choose a lip gloss, lip balm, lip pencil, or even lipstick - if you have enough time. Start at the center of the upper lip and move outward toward one corner. Then, bring it back to the center and apply it outward toward the corner. Repeat with the lower lip. If you missed a spot, dab the cosmetic with your pinky, then dot it onto your lips with the finger.

Afterward, blot your lips, which will make the lipstick last longer, and keep it off your teeth. To prevent lipstick on your teeth, suck on your finger - I know it sounds weird. Put your index finger in your mouth and pull through. This will get all the cosmetics that are on the inner part of your lips.

Time: 30 seconds

Total time: 7 - 11 minutes

To be honest, I run late very often, well, a lot, just ask my boss. So, I don't usually have time to do much makeup. Therefore, I perfected this little routine over the years, and it takes me less than ten minutes for my face to look natural and flawless. But I still arrive late for work. 😊


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