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Let's Play Wear or Tear!

by erinhastoomanybooks about a month ago in shopping

Take a look at some fashion trends and decide if you would wear them or tear them.

Let's Play Wear or Tear!
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Wear or tear is a game I've seen all over the internet lately. Basically, I will introduce a trending topic in the fashion sphere and you will decide whether or not you would wear it or tear it.

I will be sharing my own opinions, and they are just that. Opinions. What I like may be different from what you enjoy and vice-versa. Without further ado, let's get into the list.

  • Skinny Jeans.

I never understood the whole online debacle about Millennials and Skinny Jeans. For one, I don't really think they ever went out of fashion, to begin with. Wearing fitted pants is a "normal" look, especially when you compare it to other articles of clothing like leggings.

In my opinion? Instant tear. Skinny jeans are quite possibly the most uncomfortable iteration of denim out there. Do they style conveniently and look cute? Sure, but at what cost?

  • Sheer long sleeve shirts.

Aesthetics like cottage-core have begun to see popularity. Puffy sleeves, flowy skirts, and other mystical trends are gaining traction with younger audiences. Thus bringing me to this middle ground piece of clothing, the sheer long sleeves. I'm referring to shirts where ONLY the sleeves are see-through.

I mean, without the whole shirt being sheer, you lose the ability to style it with a bralette or crop top. Instead, you just kinda have this mesh covering your arms. I know it's definitely a fashion over-function thing.

That being said, sleeves with embroidery, beads, or lace are an elegant look. As long as these sleeves have an added embellishment on them, I'm in. Most of the time, these pieces have a cuffed sleeve anyway, adding to the whimsical, cottage-core aesthetic.

  • Scrunchies

These styled hair ties are often worn on the wrist or in the hair. I think that the outfit can really make or break the appeal of a scrunchie. You have to keep in mind that they can be bulky and a little distracting. This is also another tear because every scrunchie I've seen is ridiculously over-priced. Next.

  • Flared Leggings

I did not even think these would be conceivable, but they are. Bellbottom leggings. Yoga pants are a staple in athleisure fashion because they're comfortable and practical. What in the world is functional about fitted pants that are no longer fit?

With a reawakened interest in the 80s and 90s styles, I understand why bellbottoms would be reintroduced to the market. I could see if you wore a white blouse, black cotton flared pants, and heels, but as LEGGINGS?

I tried them on, and I can tell you it's just as confusing in practice as it is in theory. Personally, the fabric isn't practical for this fashion statement, and the general understanding of leggings isn't in line with this type of clothing. Very much reminded me of Balenciaga high-heel Crocs. Another tear.

  • Small floral print

Would you believe me if I told you that floral print, just like flannel, was once seen as ugly and old-fashioned? I think that floral pattern in the 2000s and 2010s had close ties to the sixties with the whole hippie movement, making it disconnected from the younger generations at the time. In fact, I distinctly remember a post detailing a member of One Direction wearing a floral suit and being criticized for wearing a "grandma's couch." (Don't quote me, but I'm 72% sure it was Harry.)

Now, the floral pattern has found itself shelved with other cottage-core imagery. Most major retailers out there have t-shirts coated in small, colorful flowers. Noticeable contestants include American Eagle, Forever 21, Aeropostale, and Tillys. All of which carry some form of small floral print.

I would wear this in a heartbeat! There is a huge variety in floral patterns, so if you want a subtle cottage-core look, you have plenty of options out there.

Those are all my Wears and Tears! Thank you so much for looking through some trendy fashion pieces with me. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @erinhastoomanybooks.



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