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Let's Go Back To The Days of The 1980s

by Samantha Parrish 2 days ago in trends

To be a material girl in a material world, but in modern day

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The 80s is my favorite decade, I never got to experience that being born in 1995, but I can appreciate what that decade did for ten years in the transition from the 70s. When I was little, my mother still had her clothes from her days in the 80s. I got to see her bright colored shirts and puffy sleeve dresses. I got to wear her scarlet shoulder padded dress around the house. As I got older, anything I wanted was on my retro radar from music to movies. I listened to the one hit wonders and watched all the movies to see the styles. For two years in a row at my high school for the decade day of spirit week, I dressed up as Don Johnson from Miami Vice. I wore white pants, a bright blue shirt and a neon green blazer, and of course, I had a pair of ray bans to finish the look. If there is a style that I want to see make a comeback in the trends, its the looks of the 1980s.

Bring back the Big Hair

Of all the decades that went all out with hair, it was most defiantly the 80s. To this day I'm still baffled how that voluminous texture can be achieved, that perfect crazy waves with bandana headbands like Bananarama and Madonna. The many hair phases in trends go, that hair metal mane, it needs to make a comeback. I don't care how much hairspray I have to go through to get that look, I would have no complaints if I had the Cher hair.

The Fashions of the Films

Remember Jennifer Beals' off shoulder sweatshirt for the iconic poster of Flashdance? That was made purely on accident, the actress accidently tore the sweater and thus, a trend was made, but now that trend has faded in time. That trend from movie, it needs to come back, I would gladly tear my sweatshirts to re-recreate the one Jennifer Beals wore. I also want an entire fashion line of everything Molly Ringwald wore in the John Hughes movies. I watched The Breakfast Club over and over to get a better look at her outfit, her pale pink shirt, long brown skirt with a small slit, brown boots, mauve nail polish, and sparse makeup. Her outfits weren't as elaborate as the other trends of the 1980s. I could easily see her Breakfast Club outfit recreated as well as the the entirety of her wardrobe in Pretty In Pink. Recreating those iconic looks from the iconic stars of that decade would be a fashion line I would buy or use as a blueprint to recreate those outfits.

Bling Up the Blazers

If you really look at the 80s styles, from the hair, to the patterns, the jewelry. Go to Google and just type in "80s fashions", there is a lot of blazers that were worn with a twist in the trend during that decade. It's still a piece of clothing that is recognized to be professional, in the 80s there was a change to that clothing. There are different patterns, buttons, chains, rolled up the sleeves. That coat was transformed into many different ways. Thrift stores already have donated blazers, that can be an easy and inexpensive trend to have fun in fashion. I'd gladly go to Goodwill and try my take on recreating a blazer to have something along the bling blazers of Madonna or Prince. There's even the lax route by getting a tan colored blazer and applying buttons on it like Duckie in Pretty In Pink. There are many options to do this decade defining staple of style. I'd wear a black blazer with some buttons on the lapels with an excessive amount of pearl jewelry. Why not? Its the 80s, its a stylish trend to go all out.

As there is an evolution for fashion, the past repeats itself with the resurgence of past fashions brought back to be merged into present day. Even if it has a modern twist on the style, it still remains and shines as the decade it's from. I'd gladly like to see some blazers with bling being worn again. To see bright bold shirts and skirts worn with layers of jewelry for a fun fashion statement.

The 70s have made a permanent comeback in trends, and the 90s are currently making a mark again in trends, can we get some 80s fashions back now since this decade was skipped? Lets get the retro radar out and bring back those trends to the modern day world for those like me who love nostalgia. Wouldn't it be better to enjoy the nostalgia when you get to wear it?

Samantha Parrish
Samantha Parrish
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