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[Latest in 2023] Popular MP4 Movies Download Sites

Are you tired of searching for trustworthy websites to download free MP4 movies? Come to read this article and find the answer.

By Polly WPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

Watching your favorite videos offline on various devices may not be a simple matter at times. This is because you may find that the video format you download is not compatible with all devices, which may result in the video not being played. The MP4 format, which works with most devices and can be stored on your computer or phone, is one of the most often used for downloading movies. But how to download videos in MP4 format?

When you search online for websites where you can download movies in MP4 format, you will see a lot of options. But in fact, many of these sites either have viruses or are blank pages when you click on them. After trying hundreds of links, you may find that none of the sites worked at all. Therefore, we present below four websites and a reliable program that can download videos in MP4 format. If you want to know what they are, just read on.

  • Part 1. Popular MP4 Movies Download Sites
  1. CoolMovieZ
  2. Melody Blog

Popular MP4 Movies Download Sites

1. CoolMovieZ

Coolmoviez is a collection of movies, web series and TV shows, as well as programs dubbed in various languages such as Hindi, Hindi Dubbed, Bengali, Punjabi, etc. The front page of the site is simple and easy to understand with a clear layout. The whole page is divided into four sections, HD Movie Download from World Best Websites, Movie By Genere, Daily Updated Movies, Download Menu. Coolmoviez not only has Hollywood, Bollywood movie videos, but also has a wide variety of themes such as Action, Adventure, Thriller, Crime, Sci-fi, Cartoon, etc.

2. Melody Blog

Melody Blog can download South African Movies, Korean Movies, TV Series, Bollywood Indian Movies and Hollywood Movies for free. Its pages are very simple and the home page offers a number of videos for you to choose from straight away. The navigation bar at the top of the page organises the videos into different categories. Under the HollyWood tab, several specific themes are also subdivided, including crime, drama, thriller, etc.


The newest Hollywood, Bollywood, and TV series are posted daily on the entertainment website The layout of the page is very simple, with the front page showing the Hollywood Movies and Nollywood Movies divisions. The search box on the right side allows you to manually search for the video you want. The film's details page features the film's synopsis, Genre, Director, Starring, and the language of the subtitles.


This website not only allows you to download videos in MP4 format, but also allow you to watch online. The navigation bar categorizes the videos directly into feature films, comedy, drama & romance, science fiction & horror and carton. The website does not provide a search function, so it may be a bit strenuous to find a video. When you open the video's details page, you will see a window where you can play the video directly.

The above four websites believe that there is always one for you. These sites are not only free but also don't require you to register and sign in for an account. Just find the videos you want to download and click download to download them to your device. But they all have some problems at the same time, that is, different ads pop up or there are ads on the page itself, and maybe you can't find the video you want in its library. So, next we will introduce a reliable MP4 video download tool to help you solve your problem.


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