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Kate is worthy of the "future queen" aura more powerful than William

Wearing a red coat so noble

By Egg LemmonPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Kate is worthy of the "future queen" aura more powerful than William
Photo by Alexi Romano on Unsplash

When it comes to Princess Kate, I believe we are not unfamiliar, as a civilian princess she has long harvested a large number of female fans, and let us like her ground is not only her face or her dress style, every appearance is stunning four seats, every dress is eye-catching countless!

As a future promising Princess Kate both in the administrative aspects and management are very strict and serious in handling affairs Kate has a serious face but from the bones of gentle still strong, even Prince William on the side can not help but look at a few, the same Kate can have so much charm or with her dress can not be unconnected!

Princess Kate

Kate is worthy of the "future queen", wearing a red ankle coat so noble, the aura is more powerful than Prince William's. Kate has never been "soft", her ability to do things and efficiency is Prince William's in the eyes of the accurate to say that the two are both sweet husband and wife file is a harmonious "partner", but more than a tacit understanding between the couple and a sense of trust. Just like Kate unconditionally believes that the coat can bring her a strong aura and charm!

The most important role that a woman plays in autumn and winter wear is to keep warm than a jacket, but also than a down jacket to show temperament, the key is that it always brings its aura, the length of the ankle design is particularly so. Although the super-long section of the coat can create a stronger aura, but if the choice is not good to bring a lot of problems, want to avoid the pit, in the choice to pay extra attention to 2 lines.

1, shoulder line position: as we all know, there is a difference between drop shoulder and straight shoulder clothes, drop shoulder is usually used on top of the loose version, the overall gives people a lazy, casual feeling, while straight shoulder will look sharp, competent a lot. Because the extra-long coat is easy to show dragging, and pressure, so with a straight shoulder design is less likely to go wrong;

2, waistline position: when the coat is too long, marking the waistline is particularly important, the use of buttons, waist and other designs to mark the waistline can play for the visual redistribution of body proportion, from the above chart can be seen, mark the waistline than the actual waistline more show leg length, even small people do not have to worry about will show short.

The strength advantage of the coat is indeed extraordinary, no matter what model of the coat as long as the correct wear, you will certainly be able to stun the whole field. In addition to the two lines mentioned above, the version also needs to pay attention to choosing different designs according to their body type, Princess Kate is also known as the best-looking princess wearing a coat, today to see her other coats bringr to brings us inspiration.

Use the same color system to increase the sense of seniority

The same color system is one of the highly sought-after dressing techniques in recent years, it brings the visual effect is very direct, and the same color phase with the color together will make the overall look more comfortable, remember one thing: the more people can not see the mood of the color with is the more senior, in addition to the use of black and white gray and other neutral colors, blue is also a very good choice, plus the same color system and smooth color system with can make the effect better.

Light blue is not a very inclusive color, for yellow and black skin or choose less friendly, after all, people do not set off the advantages of skin color, but for cold white skin is indeed a very friendly existence, it can perfectly brighten the skin tone and skin color deficiency, play a role in improving the sense of moderation when it and cape coat with each other can achieve the role of age reduction and dominance!

When it comes to the color we have to mention Kate's favorite dark green, this color is a cool tone, but also a symbol of elegance and nobility when it and the coating blend with inch other is an endless charm to show. This advanced color scheme will generally highlight the women are particularly eye-catching, and can also achieve the effect of skin white translucent, embellished with some metal elements in the body instantly achieving the effect of luxury degrees, and then use the more French style hair bands to show the romantic female atmosphere is intoxicating!

Use accessories to increase the sense of sophistication

Clothes are expensive to match, and then good-looking clothes if there is no detail embellishment, will also look like people feel that something is missing. In the autumn and winter season, women's most commonly used accessories are hats, brooches, scarves, bags, as well as earrings, necklaces, etc., the same use of color with, compared to a large area of color clash is more gentle and temperament.

Kate is a good hand with color, her accessories always doing echoes with the clothes, red hats, shoes, handbags, and even gloves. In addition to the large area of the color echo, the details of the material echo are highlighting the exquisite place, Kate's coat collar is velvet material, and her gloves and high heels also used this material, this degree of sophistication and ingenuity, worthy of the "future queen" ah.

Princess Kate

The conclusion: half of Princess Kate's aura is to rely on the advantages of the coat to highlight, and half is their powerful charm emitted. Clothing items can only provide a decorative and decorative role, the most important thing is that the bones reveal the charming temperament is the most important!

Kate is worthy of the "future queen", wearing a red ankle coat is very noble, and the aura is more powerful than William's.


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