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Is Embroidery Considered A Fashion Trend

by Martins Straume 6 months ago in trends

Fashion Trend - Embroidery Clothing

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Some fashion trends are here to stay while others have been forgotten. Embroidery is the technique of decorating a textile foundation with a needle and thread. You might remember your grandmother embroidering textiles to decorate the house, but embroidery was once a popular fashion trend. We have good news for you, though. Much like your favorite 90s styles, embroidery is back.

Popular Brands That Embroider

Thanks to technological advancements, machines make embroidery easy and less time-consuming, although it’s still popular to do embroidery by hand. Embroidery machines have allowed your favorite brands and designers to embroider designs, including their logos, on clothing quickly and efficiently. A few brands and designers that use embroidery are:

Alice Archer

A London-based fashion designer, Alice Archer uses a technical method of embroidery for her designs. With high-quality fabric and elegant garments, Alice Archer creates embroidered fashion that ranges from professional to everyday attire.

Purvi Doshi

Purvi Doshi is an Indian designer who uses embroidery to create heritage-based garments with intricate patterns. Her designs are colorful and incorporate different textures.

Tommy Hilfiger

A common household name for everything from jeans and shirts to bedding, Tommy Hilfiger embroiders all types of fabrics, from duvets to t-shirts. This brand uses embroidery to offer its customers many different types of styles, colors, and textures for their clothing.

Celebrities That Wear Embroidered Clothing

When a fashion trend comes back in style, you can expect A-listers to be bringing it to the mainstream. While you can expect to see embroidery on the catwalk, you may also see it on your favorite celebrities.

Margot Robbie

During the Suicide Squad promotion, Margot Robbie was wearing an embroidered tiger floral Gucci dress. She was also spotted wearing an embroidered and sequined gown by Altuzarra at the Governors Awards in 2017.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is no stranger to embroidery, wearing it as far back as 2010 at a cocktail party and again in 2017 at an awards ceremony in London.

Bella Hadid

Who can forget Bella Hadid’s charming embroidered jeans that she wore in a photo on her Instagram? The jeans featured a story, including a snake at the bottom of her left leg, a butterfly on her hip, and sunflowers across the front and back, all done with embroidery.

Benefits of Embroidery For Fashion

Texturizes Clothing

When many people get dressed for the day, they don’t consider the textures of their clothing. However, just like playing with colors, mixing and matching clothing with different textures can improve your look. Embroidery can make specific designs pop and stand out, elevating them from the foundation fabric for a more vibrant appearance.

Storytelling and Personalization

Everyone uses their personal style to let the world know who they are. You can use embroidery to help you tell a story and personalize your clothing. According to the website, you can even design and sell your clothing online to share your designs with the world.

Fabric Flexibility

You can embroider almost any fabric from cotton to leather, allowing you to add depth to all of your designs. Taking an embroidered design and adding it to leather will give you a different look and feel than taking the same design and adding it to cotton.

Unlimited Options

Embroidery allows you to become an artist and create any design that you choose. With a choice of any fabric and any great design that you can think of, there’s no limit to options. Designers can experiment with different choices to find the best one.


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