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Introducing the Mearsun Hearing Aid: A Revolution in Self-Fitting Technology

"Engaging Customised Hearing: Divulging the Mearsun Portable Hearing Assistant's State-of-the art Self-Fitting Innovation"

By Bamidele FranckPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
A New Hearing AID That Give You Comfort

Mearsun proudly unveils the world's first bone conduction hearing aid equipped with a groundbreaking self-fitting device, setting a new standard in personalised auditory solutions. With two convenient self-fitting methods—via the fitting device or the user-friendly app—Mearsun empowers individuals to effortlessly customise their hearing experience, breaking down communication barriers with ease.

Tailored for a spectrum of hearing impairments, including mild to severe cases such as acquired conduction damage, congenital conduction loss, mixed hearing, and eardrum perforation, Mearsun not only facilitates clear hearing but also prioritizes the safeguarding of your auditory health.

Employing cutting-edge bone conduction technology, Mearsun transmits sound by converting it into mechanical vibrations across different frequencies through the bones. Simply place it on the bone next to the ear and experience the transformative power of regaining your hearing, fostering seamless communication with others.

Setting itself apart from air-conduction hearing aids, Mearsun's bone-conduction technology provides inherent advantages in hearing protection. By transmitting sound to the auditory nerve and bypassing direct pressure on the cochlea and middle ear, it significantly reduces the risk of potential hearing damage. Ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, Mearsun hearing aids offer unparalleled comfort without obstructing the ears.

The Mearsun experience goes beyond basic hearing aid functionality. Driven by the latest patented deep noise reduction technology developed by Dr. Fengguang Zhao of Bell Labs, Mearsun automatically adjusts noise reduction according to environmental conditions, ensuring clear content reception without the need for manual intervention.

Central to Mearsun's innovation is its original, patented self-fitting technology. Each hearing aid comes paired with a proprietary self-fitting device, establishing an artificial intelligence algorithm based on millions of data models and professional expertise. This empowers users to easily find the most suitable hearing effect, with the ability to adjust frequency response parameters within the 500–8000 Hz range. The result? There was a more than 20% increase in hearing recognition rate post-fitting. The device's simplicity makes it suitable for users of all ages.

The Mearsun self-fitting device is a game-changer, enabling users to adjust volume, balance hearing between left and right ears, and cater to the needs of both single-ear and binaural hearing-impaired individuals. This user-friendly approach reflects Mearsun's commitment to democratising the hearing aid industry.

After five years of dedicated research, Dr. Zhao Fengguang of Bell Labs challenges the traditional notion of the indispensability of professional hearing aid fitters. Mearsun pioneers a do-it-yourself fitting experience, utilising an artificial intelligence (AI) fitting algorithm that draws upon vast data models and the expertise of hundreds of professional fitters. This revolutionary approach empowers those with hearing impairments to make informed decisions about their auditory needs, eliminating the exorbitant costs associated with traditional fitting services. Speech recognition sees an impressive improvement of over 20%.

Mearsun, with its latest bone-conduction vibrating horn, elevates your hearing accuracy to new heights. Through Mearsun's self-fitting process, experience a remarkable 20% increase in your hearing recognition rate. Boasting a satisfaction rate of over 95%, Mearsun emerges as the world's first disruptive and innovative hearing aid, redefining the landscape of auditory solutions.

Mearsun also has a bone conduction earphone function that can be connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth to listen to the music on the phone and answer the call.

Wearing it in an open ear will not block the ear canal, reduce the burden on the ear, and avoid secondary damage to the hearing organ. It enables your weak hearing to be used and is very friendly to mild-to-moderate patients.

According to ergonomic principles, Mearsun has designed a size that is comfortable and has enough head clamping force. This design keeps the headphones securely on your head without causing discomfort from tightness, thereby enhancing the sound conduction effect. Whether you're running or engaging in other sports activities, it's not easy to fall off.

Built-in 200mAh battery, which can be charged with a magnetic data cable. It only takes 2 hours to fully charge, and it can be used continuously for 14 hours. For more details click here


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