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Internet Sensation Nykki Rojas Seen Stepping out During Event at The Native Green Leaf

Nykki Rojas Was Photographed with Rapper Jim Jones at Native Green Leaf Dispensary In Mastic NY

By Jane SampsonPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Dipset Rapper Jim Jones & Social Media Icon Official Nykki Rojas

During this Labor day weekend many attended Long Island's First Recreational Dispensaries Two Day event Hosted By Jim Jones, But Sunday, September 4th, wearing a black dress, and pairing it with a Gucci bag, and some black sandals. We couldn't miss Official Nykki Rojas with her Iconic blonde hair and blue eyed combo. Seen alongside Husband Christopher Rojas the two could be seen smiling and laughing as they Enjoyed the many vendors, the food, and of course, the guest appearance by Dipset Rapper, Jim Jones, who is famously known for his iconic song "We Fly High" and Jones was certainly Ballin' rocking his fun dip shirt and Hat, enjoying lots of goodies provided to him by the dispensary and a hot plate of food and snacking on some popcorn casually. After Jones was content and full Official Nykki Rojas and Jim Jones could be seen sharing a laugh, some small talk, and a few photographs together. The Native Green Leaf is located in The reservation also known to the locals as the REZ, in Mastic Ny and is The first Dispensary to Sell Recreational Flower, Vapes, Edibles, and Concentrates. You must be 21+ to enter but inside is a wide variety to choose from. And laid out as a gift for jones they had just that. While Nykki may not take part in the recreational festivities she is always known to support local businesses. Especially those in her own backyard. Being a Long Island Business owner herself she understands that community support is huge. Nykki owns a Landscaping business alongside her husband Chris, Strong Island Landscaping which seems to have some amazing reviews on google. Shows that Nykki seems to know her way around the business side of many different platforms. As far as Jones and his Instagram he says he plans to drop several new albums coming in 2022/23. His album "Status Update" is dropping on September 23rd, 2022. Fully produced by Hitmaka. Stay tuned to see if Nykki has intentions to possibly collab on anything with jones in the future. We could only hope. While it certainly seems Nykki is in no hurry to slow down with her Modeling career it seems she has a few other secrets up her sleeve. One can only speculate at this moment but she has dropped hints on her socials of more than just influencing and modeling. Although we do not know exactly what Nykki is up to she has been busy and we will be watching her Instagram closely for any insight into her next move. As per one of her Tiktok videos, it seems that her Step son, Christopher Rojas Jr (Aged 17)may have enlisted in the United States Army. You can find the video of her proudly wearing the Army Shirt while trending along to a popular sound. Some speculated she was enlisting herself but she shared that she is actually in fact expecting baby number 6 and quite far along. She has done a fantastic job hiding her pregnancy, although I don't think she was intentionally hiding the news, you can hardly tell at all she is with child. All we can say is wow, Congratulations on the pregnancy, the success, and wishing her all the best. We are unsure of Nykki's due date and the gender of her next child, we wonder how she juggles everything not only as a mom of 6 already this being her Sixth biological child, but now adding another to the mix which will bring the total to a whopping 7. This brings the term Moms can do it all to a new level. Perhaps that is the pregnancy glow we see on her face or just the sheer excitement of her amazing success. Keep it up Nykki!

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