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I get Stopped Every Time I Wear this

Compliments for your Clothes

By Lynne BlackPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
I get Stopped Every Time I Wear this
Photo by Clark Street Mercantile on Unsplash

So, I get stopped every time I wear this. At the same time, if you are looking to receive lots of compliments; look for styles that suit your body type and make you feel comfortable.

I get Stopped Every Time I Wear this

When I was growing up, I always spent time in my Mom’s closet. So, I would dress up in one of my own outfits, however, I would add her jewelry and shoes. To read more about my love of shoes; be sure to check out my Shoe Obsession post.

Though it has been some time since I played dress-up; not much has changed. Of course, I still have a shoe obsession!

Of course, I have a few things that I get stopped often. But, if I was to guess what I get stopped on the most; it is my sunglasses. Though the sunglasses I own are no longer available; I included a similar style in my Express your Style on National Sunglasses Day post.

Compliments for your Clothes

Do you love fashion?

Whether you like wearing the latest trends, classic styles, or don’t care what you wear; there may be a signature piece you wear often that expresses who you are. No matter what your style is or if you follow trends or not; visit my Fashion Day Today post for tips on how to express yourself.

Do you like receiving compliments on what you have on? Or, your hairstyle? Indeed, I like receiving compliments.

When someone tells me, “I look good” or “Where did I get something I have on”? call me shallow – but I love receiving compliments.

Know your Body Type

When it comes to fashion; what’s trending one season may be gone the next. However, what is most important is wearing something that compliments your body shape. In fact, I wrote a post on styles that may help you select the right pieces for your body shape – Are you Looking for the Best Clothes to Flatter your Body Type.

Moreover, everyone has a different body shape. For instance, if you have fuller hips and a wider waist than your bust, narrow shoulders, and a plump rear-end; you may have a pear body shape.

If your bust and hip measurements are fairly even and you have fuller hips, thighs, and are bustier; lucky you, as you have an hourglass figure.

If your proportions are fairly even and your shoulders are broader than your hips; you have an apple shape body type.

Finally, if your weight is the same throughout your body and you’re not curvy; you most likely have an athletic body type.

I get Stopped Every Time I Wear this – Dress for You

Though the pandemic has slowed things down; it’s time to be optimistic about the future. Since many people have been vaccinated; it’s time to return to some type of normalcy. So, this season is all about dressing up rather than lounging on your sofa.

For Fall, a lot of collections will feature metallics, colored snakeskin, and sequins that are sure to put a shine on the Fall, Holiday, and Winter seasons.

1.State Sequin Verbage Sweater

As I wrote in my earlier Nordstrom 2021 Anniversary Sale post; this season is all about unique details such as statement sleeves. With this in mind, puffed sleeves and a fun message come together to celebrate any occasion.

I get Stopped Every Time I Wear this

Metallic Faux Wrap Dress

Indeed, when you enter any room, all eyes are sure to notice what you’re wearing. Puffed sleeves, a crossover V-neck, and a tulip hem make this ideal to wear to dress up in.

I get Stopped Every Time I Wear this

Banangola Fleece Cardigan

If you’re looking to make a statement; there is nothing better than a cozy coat, jacket, or sweater.

From Farm Rio, this colorful fleece cardigan is the perfect piece for anyone to add to their wardrobe.

Whether you’re headed to the farmers market, a football game, meeting, or After 5; you will surely stand out in this colorful banana printed cardigan style.

I get Stopped Every Time I Wear this

Because I get stopped every time I wear certain accessories, clothing, and shoes; it’s up to you to make your own fashion statement.


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