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How to pick the right bag for you?

If you can pay attention to these 5 points, you can save tens of thousands of dollars

By Egg LemmonPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
How to pick the right bag for you?
Photo by DAVIDCOHEN on Unsplash

See the bloggers with more and more, I found more and more: accessories are too important.

Among them, the one that can especially enhance the texture of the whole body is an "expensive-looking" (most of them are indeed very expensive) bag! ▼

Many girls have had the experience of saving money to buy big brand bags when they were young, and every time we bought them we would say to ourselves, "Although it's a little more expensive, one can be used for a lifetime, it's still a good deal!

However, even Yang Yang Yang such a "thoughtful" player, also bought a few "tears of the times" ...... honestly, if on the way to buy a big brand bag, someone can tell me these 5 points early I can save tens of thousands of dollars!

So this article is super practical, see that is to earn ha. ▼

1, do not buy trendy models

Many bags, how hot at the time, after how "earthy".

And, because there was a fire, so as long as the back, there may be a mouth to remind you: "Yo, so many years ago the bag you are still carrying ah ......" listening to people straight want to roll their eyes.

Like the "Tears of the Times" pictured below, would you still carry it today? ▼

How hot it was, how "earthy" it was afterward

So, try not to buy a trendy bag.

Buy what you like, or buy the classic models that will never go out of fashion, as long as you do these two things, you can greatly improve the life of the bag.

Some girls do not know how to determine which styles are classic enough, Yang Yang Yang has super practical criteria: the brand's annual price increase is the largest + second-hand market more than 50% off.

As long as they meet the above two conditions, they belong to the super classic models, such as Chanel's Classic Flap and LV's Monogram models. ▼

These models that can fire for more than ten years have proven their vitality to the world, even if one day you do not love it, the price will not hurt you too much when you change hands.

2, the color should be low-key

Who does not have a few "Pan tone popular color" bags? Anyway, when the young and wild Yang Yang has bought, the result of buying back only once carried ......

No prizes: Guess which odd color the young and ignorant Yang got years ago? ▼

Especially at the moment of travel, it is always the black bag that is the most versatile and decent, no one. ▼

Brown and gray bags are tied for second, as for the white bag in color is also versatile enough, is too unforgiving.

I don't know if you have found, basically even if the big brand bag quietly discounts sales, the so-called "diamond color" (black, gray, brown) also rarely participates in the discount, so the diamond color package is relatively valuable, later we even if we don't like it to sell out second-hand, its price is also several percent higher than other colors.

Although the color package is "eye-catching", but easy to look not enough senior, as we grow older, most of the color package is easy to be abandoned.

Do not believe? You cover your head and then look at the power with the picture, is not so much ...... eh? ▼

Powerful matching chart

If you want to buy colored bags, then try to buy the same color as your closet staple, but the saturation is low.

For example, if there are more blue clothes in your closet, we can choose a grey-blue bag instead of electric blue; if there are more green clothes in your closet, we can choose a dark green bag instead of BV green, even though BV green is still popular these two years. ▼

3, choose different types of bags

When we have a limited budget, we can try to buy a bag with a bigger difference in style.

For example, if you already have a mini cross body camera bag, if you want to buy another bag, we can give priority to the style difference, which can hold an A4 paper r and handheld tote bag, rather than the same mini size bucket bag. ▼

Under the premise of limited quantity, the size of the bag with large differences can better cover our different scenarios needs, so that a variety of wear LOOK can have a more sophisticated point of view.

4, buy leather models

Well, I know there are some young girls here want to express disdain, but you will find that researching the big brand bags in leather models is the most valuable.

And like canvas models, straw models ...... mostly belong to the seasonal models, even if the style belongs to the classic models, but even if you buy a limited edition, as soon as the second-hand market price hits "fracture" (except for the special edition of Hermes ha). ▼

And, even if they are leather models, the more wearable the leather is the less likely to discount the bag, so, cheerily leather than lambskin preservation, and matte than glossy preservation.

Unless only do not mind the use of traces, otherwise, patent leather, lambskin bag a little bump will make the "scratch disease patients" nerve-racking.

5, choose a more square version

Although these two years popular lazy style, bloggers like soft, not a positive type of bag. ▼

But believe me, if you want a bag to last long enough, give priority to a stiff, squared-off version. ▼

Relatively stiff and square bags apply to a wider range of scenarios and ages, especially for girls who don't have so many bags. A bag of this type can bring you a significant dressing quality across work and leisure at times.

I know that bloggers' fashionable interpretations often make people excited, but calm down and think about it, the FEND family baguette bag, RELINE family classic box, Hermes family platinum bag & Kelly bag, which have been on the classic list for many years, do they all belong to the category of this square, rigid bag? ▼

If you want to chase the fashion, you can spend a little money on a fast brand or light luxury brand to find a pillow bag, round bags, and similar models to stop addiction, big brand-shaped models that are not so good, and not so "good" ha. ▼

If you like shaped bags (bags with curved lines), remember one thing: the closer to rectangular, the better to load things.

The shape of the crescent bag is relatively more regular and better loaded, while every time I put on a medium saddle bag, I'll flip through things like crazy at the bottom of the bag (although the shape of the saddle bag is really attractive). ▼

In short, no matter what the purpose of buying a bag is, I hope that everyone will be able to use the bag more in the future.

When the bag is used more, its single-use price becomes lower, so the big-name bag can be more value for money. ▼


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