How to Dress Like Zac Efron

Zac Efron fashion tips and outfits!

Zac Efron is an icon for fashion and fitness to guys old and young. On my YouTube I have a video explaining his fashion style so you can get fashion inspiration off a legend such as Zac Efron! Dressing like Zac Efron is much more simple than it sounds, especially after this elaborate break down of his style!

Tip 1

If you look at what Zac Efron wears, you’ll notice all his clothes are fitted. Everything has a perfect cut and fit to make him look more muscular and leaner. A perfect fit should be snug on the chest and fairly fitting on your stomach, other wise your clothes would be too tight. When buying tees always look for slim fits. Great places to buy slim fit clothing include H&M, Hollister, Asos, and more. If your clothes are loose fitting search for local tailors that could make your clothes fit better. A good tailor can do a great job for as little as twenty dollars.

Tip 2

Simplicity is key. All his outfits are very minimal and simple, he doesn’t try too hard to look good. His main pieces of clothing include black jeans, white tee's, and more. You can pick up great pieces like this from stores like Uniqlo, H&M, and more. You can also notice his shoes are also very simple as well, you don't need to buy really expensive shoes to dress like Zac. Most shoes he wears are converse, vans, and white canvas sneakers. All of his pieces are very affordable even for the average guy. There are plenty of great budget friendly stores where you can pick minimal pieces for an affordable price.

Tip 3

Although his outfits are very simple he uses small techniques to elevate basic outfits. For example his jeans are often cuffed to make them look better. To make your outfit look like his I would stick to a double cuff because a double cuff looks best. To make your outfit look like Zac's you could also roll up your sleeves on basic t-shirts to make a basic outfit elevated. When wearing button down shirts you can also roll up the sleeves to show some forearm. Occasionally you can find him tucking in his shirt to look more formal.

Tip 4

Aside from all of these, he also wears many accessories to elevate the outfit. He wears a lot of sunglasses, watches, and necklaces. While looking on his instagram you can see his sunglasses consisting of aviators, clubmasters, and wayfarer. All of these glasses can be picked up from either RayBan or Warby Parker. Of course like most celebrities, his watch collection can be pretty expensive so an alternative you can pick up great watches from Vincero or MVMT. Necklaces on the other hand, can be found anywhere. However I do recommend staying away from fancy jewelry and flashy chains, minimal chains are the key to go. Otherwise, you would look like a jerk with flashy jewelry. Instead, go for baby chains.

Tip 5

Neutral colors are the way to go! Most colors Zac wears are basic neutral colors such as black, white, navy, grey, etc. I recommend picking up tee's in colors like these plain and with logo so you don't get bored of what you're wearing. I also recommend getting different types of tops, such as button downs, jackets, and more. If you look at his shoes you would also notice they are only either in black or in white because these colors go with anything. Pants have a similar rule and should be in black or navy. If you're feeling confident and bold you could try to wear white jeans. Great places to buy jeans are American Eagle, Pacsun, Hollister, and more.

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