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How to combine health and fitness while cycling - and look great while doing so!

Cycling is a favorite sport of many fitness enthusiasts - and a beloved pastime for just as many

By Bilal HussainPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Cycling is a favorite sport of many fitness enthusiasts - and a beloved pastime for just as many. To perform to the best of your ability when cycling, you need to wear professional cycling clothing. Let’s find out what is the best cycling gear for men and women alike!

The most important part - bike helmet

Safety always first! A professional bike helmet is the most important part of any cyclist’s gear, protecting from damage and ensuring visibility in traffic. In most parts of the world, wearing a bike helmet is required by law - and even if it isn’t, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you’re going to drive around the city, make sure your helmet is in a bright color or has some lights on it to improve your visibility.

A cycling helmet is also important when it comes to performance, as it adds to your aerodynamics. While you might think it won’t change much, even the smallest improvement is worth much when you’re competing against your own time or others. Whether a part of men’s or women’s cycling clothing - a bike helmet is crucial!

Full cycling sets

If you don’t want to buy all of your cycling gear separately, one of the premium cycling sets of clothing might be a great choice for you. Such sets usually contain at least a comfortable jersey, made out of a breathable material that adjusts itself to fit your body perfectly, as well as a pair of pants with padding to make riding comfortable. If you’re prepared to spend a bit more, you can even find a set with additional cycling gloves, socks, and a hat to keep you warm and cozy.

Buying a cycling set is usually your best bet, as all of the articles of clothing within a set have been designed to work well together. By wearing a set, you are guaranteed the best results and unrestricted movement. Most clothing comprising cycling sets are made out of breathable and stretchable material that is water-repellent and resistant to scratches - perfect for off-road cycling!

Is there any difference between men’s and women’s cycling gear?

When it comes to cycling gear, the basic components are mostly the same between men and women. What is different, however, is the design and style. Men’s cycling clothing is usually bulkier to better fit male physique, while women’s clothing is sleeker and usually found in brighter, more colorful variants. However, don’t let the looks dictate your clothing choice - protection, comfort, and performance should always be the top priority!

What else will you need to complete your cycling gear? If you find yourself often driving off road or in poor weather, a waterproof jacket and trousers might be a good idea. Waterproof clothing will keep your body dry and warm in any weather, allowing you to enjoy cycling in all conditions. In addition, we recommend you get a pair of professional cycling shoes that will keep your feet comfortable during long rides. Finally, grab yourself a pair of thick cycling gloves - especially during the colder months!

For helping you think more and better

Did you know that cycling improves the performance of your brain? This conclusion was reached in 2015 by a study by the University Medical Center Utrecht, in the Netherlands. It ensures that the density of the white matter of the brain grows, the one in charge of the connections that your brain makes to carry out its normal functions.

It is not the only study that establishes a direct relationship between cycling and increased brain capacity, although it is the one that has provided the most evidence of this so far. Not all sports can be said to be carried out outdoors and in natural environments such as those that can be seen from the saddle of a bicycle.

If you have been pedaling for years, surely your two-wheeled friend has taken you more than once to charming places that, later, you have invited to meet family and friends. Both the road bike and the mountain bike allow you to be more intrepid and curious and even access little-known places.


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