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How to Choose the Best Alexandrite Jewelry?

by Eric Baker 2 months ago in women / tips / shopping / women / tips / shopping
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Choose Perfect Alexandrite Jewelry

Alexandrite Jewelry

Although choosing the right accessories, apparel, or footwear for a special occasion is not smooth sailing and if you are choosing jewelry, things get a little trickier. A piece of gemstone jewelry is a precious accessory that no one purchases for one-time use, so you should choose a piece of jewelry that can go with all your attires.

There is a gemstone that can solve this purpose for you; it’s a gemstone that changes its colors - the alexandrite. Choosing alexandrite for jewelry is always the right call. There are many online and offline stores where you may easily find alexandrite jewelry for sale. Now all you need to know is how you can choose the best alexandrite jewelry.

Here is a stepwise guide that will help you get the right Alexandrite jewelry.

1. Check the Quality of the Gemstone

When you are done choosing a gemstone the next step is to choose the quality of the gemstone. You can get multiple qualities in the same gemstone ranging from A to AAAAA. AAAAA quality is the finest, but it is the most expensive one. You can get information about the quality of gemstones from the certificates provided by the seller. The finest quality of Alexandrite will show you a noticeable color shift. However, in others, the shift will not be that pronounced.

2. Size and Shape of Gemstone:

The next thing you should keep in mind when choosing the best Alexandrite jewelry is the shape and size of the gemstone. To look bold you should choose large-size gemstone earrings or pendants. For daily wear purposes, round shape gemstone jewelry is the best. You can easily find the alexandrite jewelry catalog on online web portals. If on any web portal you find alexandrite jewelry on sale, you can make the most of it.

3. Material Type

The material used in the jewelry is equally important because it adds grace to the gemstone. Not only this, mostly this part of the jewelry comes into contact with the body, so you should be extra careful when choosing a material for your Alexandrite jewelry. Reputed jewelry sellers such as GemsNY pay special attention that the metal used in jewelry should be skin-friendly and have a long-lasting shine. You can stay tuned to the GemsNY website for the next alexandrite jewelry sale.

4. Setting Type

Different Types of Alexandrite Setting

Depending on the jewelry you are choosing, you will get different setting types. If you choose a bracelet you will get an S-linked setting, a chain-linked setting, etc. In rings and pendants, you will mostly find prong bezel settings. If you want to stand out, you should choose a gemstone setting that is not very common.

5. From Where to Buy

Last but not least, you should know where you will get the right jewelry piece at the right price. You will find alexandrite jewelry for sale in many online and offline stores. It is always better to grab the best jewelry for yourself from a reputed store with all the authentic certificates. In an online store, you can get amazing deals on different occasions.

So this was how you can choose the best alexandrite jewelry. Next time whenever you find alexandrite jewelry on sale, remember this buying guide. You will end up getting the best jewelry piece at the best price.


Alexandrite jewelry is becoming increasingly popular among people who want to buy alexandrite rings. There are many places where you can find alexandrite jewelry, including online stores, retail shops, and even at some local jewelers. But if you’re looking for the best place to get vintage alexandrite earrings or pendant necklace then you should consider buying them online. You can find high-quality alexandrite gemstone jewelry at affordable prices.


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