How to Choose a Gold Bracelet

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Gold Bracelet Sets

How to Choose a Gold Bracelet

The gold bracelet sets is a piece of popular jewelry among women. The product is universal, and it is worn by of any age. The accessory is able to emphasize the beauty of the lady, complement the created image with a bright touch. But you can achieve the result if you follow the rules of choice: then the golden bracelet on the hand will tell you about the impeccable taste of the owner, and the purchase will not be a disappointment. The first thing to do before going to the store is to decide on the style and circumstances of wearing. The fact is that the decoration for every day should be concise, convenient, with a reliable fastener. In contrast, an evening accessory for a festive occasion can be luxurious, with a sophisticated design and brighter. Stylists again remind that if a gold bracelet sets is selected, the earrings or rings should also be made of gold. In some cases, a combination of silver and white gold is allowed.

Difficulties in the selection phase usually arise when determining the size of the gold bracelet sets. Someone believes that the best option is when the bracelet fits snugly on the hand, while others, on the contrary, believe that the jewelry should be free. If you buy a bracelet as a gift, give preference to products consisting of links. If necessary, the gifted person will easily correct the size of the jeweler: the specialist will add or remove several links, and the problem will be solved. Or purchase the option on which the length is adjusted independently - now there are many similar models.

Few people think about such nuances, but when choosing a bracelet, the complexion of a person is of great importance: Elegant, miniature ladies can afford bracelets almost invisible, strings. Medium-sized jewelry with sophisticated design will also look good. Wide, bulky bracelets are suitable only if the product consists of strings a solid accessory, in this case, will make the figure heavier and seem inappropriate. The gold bracelet sets should look light and weightless, be openwork - then girls of the slim physique will look even more feminine. Ladies with forms should look at large bracelets. It is good if the product is decorated with one large stone. Accessories with round links or decorated with rhinestones or a lot of stones should be avoided, in no case do not get thin chains.

Bracelet Sets

How to Choose a Gold Bracelet for the Occasion and Correctly Combine

The links must be uniform, fasten well, not be stretched. Pay attention to scratches. Try to button up the jewelry yourself and unfasten it: in this way, you will find out whether you can do without assistance to put on the jewelry. This popular accessory is experiencing its next birth these days. The abundance of shapes, sizes, and design solutions allows any woman to choose a product to their liking. The assortment is so rich that they simply run their eyes: there are bracelets made of yellow, white, pink gold, in the form of a ring, spiral, chain or set of plates, modest and richly decorated, classic and decorated with numerous charms-pendants - there is nothing to list.

A correctly selected bracelet can be the successful completion of the image of his mistress. And vice versa: even the most skillful product can easily destroy harmony if it does not combine with other jewelry, does not fit clothes, or does not match the appearance of a woman. It turned out that even then, women and men wore hoop products on their hands, made either from the bones of a large animal or from stripes of skin. It is believed that they served not so much as decorations, like amulets and protective amulets.

The first gold bracelet sets , which are real jewelry, were discovered in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. Remaining traditionally sacred objects, they already performed the importance of jewelry. A large number of gold bracelets were worn by priestesses and noble ladies, and not only on both hands but also on their feet. But nothing compares with amazingly beautiful finds from Scythian barrows! In the found collections of gold bracelet sets jewelry, there are several perfectly preserved bracelets that all fashionable women of the world would dream of wearing. The highest skill of Scythian craftsmen cannot be described in words - their products must be seen with their own eyes.

Gold Bracelet Sets

What Important Condition When Buying a Bracelet

Many gold bracelet sets are richly decorated with a luxurious scattering of precious stones: rubies, sapphires, emeralds. The ancient Scythians masterly mastered the art of stone cutting. From the sight of each of their decorations, the spirit freezes. It is not for nothing that they have been hunted for centuries by collectors, treasure hunters, and black tomb raiders. An important condition when buying a gold bracelet sets is its width. It would seem, a thin and wide bracelet, the main thing is that it should be beautiful, elegant and original. But you may have noticed that the same product looks different on different women: for example, when the bracelet shows a girl-seller, on her arm, he may not look like the one on your own.

A lady with a wide wrist, on the contrary, can safely choose jewelry of solid sizes. In this case, a luxurious gold bracelet sets will not only become a rich decoration of her image but will also serve as an element that distracts attention from a large hand no matter what anyone says, a thin female wrist is still considered a standard of beauty. A narrow and tiny bracelet will simply be lost on the hand, although it can be worn in tandem with another, more massive bracelet.

Gold Bracelet

A woman with a taste in everything shows a sense of proportion. If you wear a gold bracelet sets, then often, it alone is enough to create a complete, elegant look. He does not need companions in the form of large rings, beads, necklaces, or tiaras. A good rainbow trend of jewelry on the hand can be a chain, and it will be better if it has the same or similar type of weaving as the bracelet.

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