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How To Buy Furniture That Speaks To You

by Zahid H Javali 12 months ago in shopping
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Home in on the right specs and you will never regret your purchase

How To Buy Furniture That Speaks To You
Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

When you go furniture shopping, every piece of wood tells you something. While some pieces speak to you about how they can enhance your space, some communicate their effectiveness. Others scream deals and affordability, while some just sit proudly in a corner and impress you with their superior design and quality. Gone are the days when we bought furniture just because they served a purpose. Today, they signify who you are. They speak to you and make your home, a happy place to be in. And they speak oodles to others about your character, lifestyle, prudence and class.

Buying something that reflects the uniqueness in you has become critical today. So choose something that can instantly lift your senses when you return home after a hard day’s work. Picking your furniture with care can make your home the ideal place to cherish beautiful memories.

The golden rule: Do not make hasty decisions when buying furniture.

Spend time to choose the right equipment that compliments not just you, but also your space and style. Get down to the nuts and bolts of the furniture. The process goes beyond pinpointing a stain, scratch or chip. It’s about the knowledge you have about the materials, and the technique that goes into the making of furniture.

So how to choose quality equipment? Here are some guidelines that can help you home in on the right stuff.

Wood Furniture

1. Go for solid wood or sturdy plywood with nine layers or more.

2. Watch out for knots even on the sides that are invisible, as they tend to crack. Woods, such as pines, are vulnerable to knots compared to others.

3. Though veneers are used in high-quality furniture, don't forget to enquire what’s underneath. Avoid particleboard, pressed wood and fibre boards.

4. Avoid anything with staples, nails or visible glue. Instead, go for one that is held together with dowels and screws.

5. Check if the legs are touching the floor and are evenly throughout. They shouldn’t rock, creak or wobble.

Upholstered furniture

1. The foam in the cushions must be firm and dense, without internal sectioning.

2. You must not feel the frame through the padding when you squeeze the arm and back. Skirts with lining or weights will hold the shape better.

3. Unzip the cushions to ensure that they are wrapped with an inner cover and are not bare. Preferably with Dacron or cotton as they last longer and are more comfortable.

4. Check if it’s spaced evenly and resists pressure by sitting in different positions. Hand-tied coil springs are a good option.

5. Go for reversible cushions. You can refresh the look to give it a change and they last long.

Hope these suggestions help you design a beautiful home that will calm your senses and tickle your fancy.

Final words

There are many ways to shop. The best way is to carefully research online. Check out the trends this season. Look at the new arrivals, and the bestsellers. If your spouse is part of your decision-making, favourite some of your finds, and decide what you like. Later, you can decide to step out into the brick and mortar store of that very online retailer, and buy from them. And if it's an online-only store, you can always take a picture of it on your phone, and show it to the offline store for similarly inspired creations. Ofcourse, the beauty of shopping is in discovery. Make sure, you make two visits, if you have time on your hands, and it's a big purchase. The first visit is when you tour the entire place. The second visit is when you decide to finally the coveted item liked by your entire family. This way, you will buy what you like and what you need, rather than what’s on sale. If the purchase makes you unhappy, remember that exchanging furniture is not as easy as returning your clothes or shoes. Therefore doing prior research and following the above guidelines will help in designing a home of your dreams.

Happy shopping!


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