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How to Be Parisian wherever you are

by Lois 2 years ago in trends
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A styling and photography guide for Parisian fashion. even if you are not in Paris !

How to Be Parisian wherever you are
Photo by Earth on Unsplash

If you have ever been to Paris, the first thing you notice may be the beautiful artistic architecture: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Musee du Louvre ... the next, would be the classic Parisian style. You can almost sense the style when you are walking down the street of Paris. Its classic, timeless beauty seems to linger around every corner you go,

One word to describe Parisian style is effortless. You may wonder how does a French woman look so chic even she's just wearing a white shirt with jeans? Well, French women don't seem to care what other people are wearing. They wear fashion items to show who they are and wear what they want. They are not trend-followers. They prefer to get a garment that is long lasting , artistic and chic over fast fashion. When they are confident in what they are wearing, that effortless stylish vibe would just flow out in an beautiful aura.

While Paris is the center of the fashion industry, with people associating it with couture, brands like Chanel, Dior, Celine etc, high fashion and the annual fashion shows that are flooded with celebrities, magazine editors and fashionistas coming from all around the world, the main reason why French style is so captivating is because their style is timeless, classic and elegant. Think about french icons Bridget Bardot. She is like the Audrey Hepburn in France. Iconic no matter how much time has passed.

People won't be chasing after trends, instead, they would rather spend money on high quality materials that can last them for a long time.They would find their favourite unique piece in the vintage store down the street or wear their grandma's favourite dress from YSL. Their je ne sais quoi attitude is what captures the heart of millions all over the world.

By Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

To recreate the look of Parisian style (when you are not in Paris), I have taken some inspiration on some French influencers and got myself a puffy sleeve green floral dress. Puffy sleeves is definitely the fashion trend in 2020. Didn't I say Parisians do not care about following trends? Well, they don't blindly follow trend. They would take what works for them and add on to their own style. So, yes, you can follow the trend as you feel confident and beautiful in it.

Flowers in general are great to create a soft natural look, get some real flowers if you can too! Here are some photos for reference:

Playing with sunlight is also another tip for creating that soft gentle glow. Getting your photos taken during the golden hour - when the sun is beginning to set and everything is lit golden would create a special mood. Or even sunrise, capture the shadows and the light beam and you would have a special effect to your photo that make it stand out! Have the sunbeam or shadow on your object or the streets:

By Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash

Accentuate your look with some classic chic accessories.gemstones, pearls, your household necklace or anything that holds a special meaning to you would add some artistic style to your whole look! Don't be scare to wear bold accessories, adding a golden necklace to a white shirt makes all the difference!

Lastly, make sure you are shooting your photos against neutral backgrounds. Since most buildings in Paris are white,grey or beige, try to find some neutral backgrounds or best, find some old buildings to create a clean look for your photos and make your outfit and style shine!

What do you think about Parisian style and are you ready to re-create your own french style? Follow me on Instagram @loislaulife for more inspiration !


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