How Long Will it Take to Break in Running Shoes

Have you also got new shoes for running and you want to know how long it will take to break in running shoes?

How Long Will it Take to Break in Running Shoes
Break Time in Running Shoes

It's a known fact that with new shoes, you have to break them in, and for running shoes, it is the same story. There are a series of reasons you have to break in your running shoes, but the main reason is simple; people's feet come in different shapes and sizes, and the material used to make the shoes have to fit their feet in a comfortable way.

How long will it take to break in running shoes? If it's an exact time frame you're looking for, that may be anywhere between 12-21 days, depending mainly on factors like how often you wear the shoe, the material the shoe is made of and how properly fitted the shoes are.

Factors that Determine Breaking in Time

1) Frequency of Use

Using your new running shoes often means the breaking in time of your shoes will be significantly shortened. This is because the more you use the shoes, the more the material adapts and stretches to match your leg size.

2) The Material of the Shoe

Another determinant for how long it would take you to break in your shoes is the material the shoes are made from. For example, fabric shoes are easier to break in than leather shoes, so shoes made with fabric would take a shorter time to break in so you can wear them properly and enjoy your running.

3) How Properly Fitted the Shoes are

It's common and sound advice to get shoes that are your size or slightly bigger when shopping for new running shoes. This is because a smaller shoe will fit too tightly, pinching your legs and causing you massive discomfort, whilst a shoe that is too large will not help you walk properly and you may develop issues like feet pain or even sprain your ankle whilst using them.

Generally, we advise that before you get new running shoes, read the shoe's reviews by best shoes advisor to know if the sizes of the shoes run small or large, then order accordingly.

What happens if you don't break in your running shoes?

It is essentially bad practice to not break in your shoes before you begin using them. Running should be as enjoyable for you as possible, but with stiff shoes, it will be very painful because you will feel discomfort, blisters, etc.

How to Break in your Running Shoes by Wearing them

Generally, we advise that you build up the hours as you try to break in your shoes, meaning that you start with the shortest possible time when wearing, then go from there.

Are New Running Shoes Supposed to Hurt?

No, your new running shoes shouldn't hurt, and if they do, it is mostly because they are badly fitted for you or you need to break them in very well.

Sometimes it happens that we buy the size of our shoes a little smaller and then it hurts us because we keep using them instead of changing them, which keeps cutting our feet.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

If your shoes don't fit, please return them and get better fitting ones. It's no use if the shoes are still tight, even after you've tried to break them in. If you do not wear comfortable shoes for running, then you will suffer loss rather than benefit from running because sometimes your foot posture will also deteriorate and you will not be able to run well.

So in the end, we would say that you should bring your shoes according to your size, which is comforting for you because your running pleasure depends on comfortable fitting. Good luck & happy running.

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