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High Heel Shoes that are Actually Comfortable to Wear

High Heel Shoes to Wear

By Lynne BlackPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
High Heel Shoes that are Actually Comfortable to Wear
Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash

When you are thinking of high heel shoes; you may think they are not comfortable to wear. And, many of you may prefer to wear sneakers or flats. However, there is something to be said about wearing a high heel that makes your legs look longer and makes you look better.

High Heel Shoes to Wear

Of course, you want a style that looks good. But, the good news is you don’t have to forgo comfort to look good.

Whether you are looking for a style that you want your outfit to look great in, or you want something stylish, yet practical; there are lots of options you can choose from.

Since most of us have bought a pair of high heel shoes at one time or another that we fell in love with but didn’t end up wearing more than once; it’s time to choose a pair that doesn’t end up in the back of our closet.

And, for some other fun styles to wear this season; be sure to check out my I get Stopped Every Time I Wear This post.

Joy in Love Kitten Heel Pumps

In my opinion, one of the best types of high heel shoes is a kitten heel. Typically, a kitten heel is 2 – 3 inches in height.

These pumps are so adorable. Furthermore, they are easy to wear with almost any outfit. In the same fashion, these patent leather pumps are sure to put an extra bounce into your step.

Classic, yet with something a little extra; these patent leather pumps are what every woman needs for work and for a night out.

More importantly, these pumps will keep you comfortable all day.

Also, this style is available in 10 different colors and patterns and at under $50.00; these are sure to become one of your go-to styles for the Fall and Winter seasons.

High Heel Shoes that are Actually Comfortable to Wear

Naturalizer Michelle Almond Toe Pump

Another option is the classic style featured below that you can wear all day long. So, if you’re looking for a style that you can wear for hours; this will be your go-to pump.

High Heel Shoes that are Actually Comfortable to Wear

Naturalizer Arielle Pump

However, if you have a high arch or are looking for a pair of shoes to make a statement; look no further than these Arielle pumps. When the clock strikes 12; you won’t need to abandon these shoes.

Indeed, this style can work seamlessly into your wardrobe. Whether you are headed to a meeting or an After 5 event; these shoes are meant to be seen.

Also, this style is available in light gold and red. Let me know your favorite color…

High Heel Shoes that are Actually Comfortable to Wear

How to Make Your Shoes Fit Comfortable

In the first place, it is important to select a style that you can actually wear. Though you may like the look of a 4-inch heel; chances are that isn’t a style that you can wear all day without your feet feeling sore.

In my opinion, I think it is a good idea to look for shoes in either the afternoon or the evening. Because your feet swell throughout the day; the ones that feel the most comfortable in the afternoon are definitely the ones you should buy.

CC Corso Como Women’s Solanya Pumps

At the same time, an angled heel or lug heel is a great choice. Because the heel is wider, it is easy to walk in.

Stylish, yet comfortable; these open-toe booties are unique and will bring something new to your wardrobe.

Indeed, everyone needs at least one pair of booties for the Fall and Winter months.

CC Corso Como Women's Solanya Pump

Heel Grips Liner Cushion Inserts

When choosing a style to wear; look for heels that have a cushioned sole. Hence, you can also add a cushioned insert into any shoe style you already have.

With this in mind, the cushion inserts will keep your feet from sliding and also will prevent blisters and calluses.

High Heel Shoes that are Actually Comfortable to Wear

3/4 High Arch Insoles for Men and Women

Since many people over the age of 40 suffer from plantar fasciitis; it is essential to have arch support. Therefore, it is important to find shoes that have this feature of if you cannot find a shoe style you like; don’t fret!

For anyone who needs arch support, this insert will help reduce heel pressure. Meanwhile, they can be used for the entire day without you feeling like your foot is going limp.

Whether you have plantar fasciitis or heel pain; these insoles will provide you with the foot support you need.

High Arch Support Insoles for Men/Women

As always, I welcome your comments on the most comfortable high heel shoes you have worn?

In summary, get ready to walk for miles.


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