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Here are the Best Sundresses

Sundress Season

By Lynne BlackPublished about a month ago 3 min read

So, here are the best sundresses. When you are looking for the perfect style to wear this Summer; the key is to look for a style that flatter your arms, back, and bodice.

Here are the Best Sundresses

In the 1940s, Carolyn Schnurer introduced one of the first modern-day sungdresses. Since its inception, this style is constantly changing. There are styles suitable for any occasion from prior decades to the present.

In the same fashion, a sundress becomes the go-to style for many women to wear on a hot day. However, what separates this style of dress from a regular dress style is you can wear these styles on a humid day.

But, don’t forget to use an SPF when you head out. For some of the best SPFs to use; check out my Best SPFs for In the Sun post.

Since, my recommendations cover a variety of fabrics, lengths, and styles; you are sure to find a style to soak up the sun.

So, are you ready to add a few new styles to your wardrobe?

Faux Wrap Summer Dress

When you are looking for an affordable option to wear for the weekend or a walk in the park; this style features a flowy A-line that is flattering for a lot of different body types.

In addition, this style comes in many prints and solid colors.

1.State Eyelet Maxi Dress

On a humid day, this breezy silhouette will keep you looking chic even on a hot day.

Pretty in Pink!

Feminine, this eyelet embroidery is the perfect style to wear to a beach party, special event, or for dinner and drinks.

1. State Eyelet Maxi Dress

Splendid Sunny Midi Dress

When you are looking for a style to bop around town; this dress is ideal to wear on a scorching day.

In a breathable fabric, this style is lightweight to keep you cool.

Also, this style can be worn for bopping around town or to dress up. But, if you don’t like your arms; you can always add a T-shirt to wear underneath this sleeveless style. Visit my Best T-shirts to Add to your Wardrobe post for my recommendations.

Available in 4 colors – let me know your favorite…

AQUA – Fruit Floral Maxi Dress

Whether you you are headed to a tropical island or a day in the sun; this fruit floral print maxi dress is effortless.

Farm Rio Palm Tree Midi Dress

Meanwhile, if you are looking to land on the best-dressed list; this stunning maxi dress is perfect.

Of course, this pop colorful dress will have heads turning to check out what you are wearing.

So, get ready for the party in this sizzling style!

Here are the Best Sundresses

Sleeveless V-neck Printed Maxi Dress

On the horizon, this bold statement is breathtaking

Of course, this sundress is the ideal choice to wear from day to nighttime.

In full length, this style comes in lots of prints and solid colors.

At under $30.00, this chic style is affordable and perfect to wear throughout the season.

How to Style Your Sundress

So, if you are looking for ideas on adding a sundress to your wardrobe; here are a few of my suggestion

For a casual look, add a denim jacket or knit vest

When you are looking for a Bohemian look; add some scarves or shawls.

For a feminine look, add a cardigan.

Also, you may want to wear a T-shirt or tank top if you don’t want to show your arms.

Finally, add your favorite sandals and you will be ready to go.

As always, I welcome your comments on my recommendations on Here are the best sundresses.


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