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Heraldic Cross Charm Jewelry

Diamond and CZ cross pendant necklace for women

By Mohammad BarkatiPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
diamond cross pendant necklace for women

Heraldic Cross Charm Jewelry

Over the past half century, the jewelry industry has evolved considerably. Nowadays, there is a specific type of jewelry for all kinds of people, while traditionally jewelry itself was seen as an exclusive luxury that only people of certain factions were allowed to wear. Further, various other connotations were attached to jewelry wearers, and the industry was one which depended upon the demand for women.

This led to advertisements and other marketing approaches focusing exclusively on women who wanted to look better. Further, men were not supposed to wear jewelry, apart from marriage rings and weddings bands. However, this was not always the case.

The significance of the Heraldic cross

In prehistoric times, various armies and military factions had specific jewelry that they wore as a symbol of their loyalty. There are little square banners that can be found on metal armours of the time, along with dog tags or name-tags that had specific designs. Now, many of the kings of these times were highly religious.

This led to most of these symbols being those related to God, or clergymen. Not only were these kings and armies loyal to these symbols, they were considered to protect human beings from all forms of evils, and this led to the use of the Christian cross, as early as the 12th century. This was the age of crusades that were often supported by religious churches.

At first, the armies of these churches and religious kings used straightforward Christian crosses. However, as the number of armies increased, so did the need to create symbols that were unique and recognizable. Hence, minor customizations such as different shapes and colors began to be used in these symbols.

This is what led to the development of heraldic crosses. Heraldic crosses can have quite a bit of customization in shape and color. Further, these symbols can be multicolored, and the only recognizable feature is the shape of the orthodox Christian cross in the center.

The Heraldic Cross in Modern times

In the last century or so, the jewelry industry has now begun to focus on unorthodox categories and symbols that can be used to create unique jewelry pieces. Further, as wearing jewelry is more socially acceptable for men than it has ever been, people are more perverse to trying out different kinds of designs.

Religious jewelry as a separate category has also become more popular. Actual creation of the pieces has also become a less time-consuming job, and more time can hence be devoted to coming up with unique designs. The Heraldic Cross for example, is used in both men’s and women’s jewelry. On one hand, there is the majestic Diamond cross necklace for women, while on the other the 10k gold cross pendant can be worn by both men and women. In this article, we will now see some of the best Heraldic Cross Charm jewelry pieces that you can buy currently:

The Diamond Cross Necklace

Some necklaces might stand for certain things, but are at the same time as beautiful and trendy as one can expect. The diamond cross pendant necklace for women falls comfortably in that category. The Gold Cross charm has four shapely edges with multiple little diamonds on each side.

The necklace might have religious connotations, but is attractive enough to be worn with different kinds of jewelry pieces, including bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Further, you can combine it with other necklaces, and can also choose to wear it alone.

Further, you can also try the Cubic Zirconia version of the Diamond cross Necklace. The 10K gold cross pendant employs a synthetic gemstone, has the exact same look, and is only one third of the price!

Sterling Silver diamond cross pendant

The Silver Sterling Cross pendant was created keeping both the genders in mind. While the Heraldic cross necklaces that you see above are not as suitable for men because of their overtly sparkling structure, the sterling silver diamond cross pendant is considerably more subtle than the choices that you see above.

The cross pendant has a uniform silver color, and is perfect to be worn by male priests with their uniforms. Further, the piece is versatile enough to be worn with different kinds of outfits and different kinds of jewelry. Further, like the Diamond cross CZ necklace, the sterling silver cz cross pendant offers the same features and looks, and is available for merely $15 USD!

At Takar Jewelry, we have a wide range of high quality handmade jewelry pieces that are entirely made in America, and employ only the best and 100% natural stones. For more affordable options, some products may come with synthetic stone variants.


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