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Gorpcore Street Style: Casual & Trendy Style Inspiration You Can Try

Where Outdoor Utility Meets Urban Street Style

By Brian FulanPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

Gorpcore has become a phenomenon in the fashion industry lately by combining elements of comfortable and functional outdoor style with a touch of trendy casual style.

It seems that the popularity of streetwear fashion is still continuing, resulting in a combination of Gorpcore styles that are really cool.

On this occasion, we will discuss some examples of gorpcore street style that you can try. So, happy reading!

What is Gorpcore?

Gorpcore is a fashion style inspired by outdoor clothing that is functional, comfortable, and versatile. Some of the characteristics of this gorpcore style are characterized by the use of outdoor clothing such as polar jackets, cargo pants, mountain sandals, hiking shoes, and bucket hats.

Natural colors are also one of the colors that are often used in gorpcore fashion such as green, brown, and neutral colors.

The Gorpcore Street Style Look You Must Try

1. Bucket Hat Dan Fleece Jacket

Bucket hats are one of the must-have fashion items when it comes to gorpcore style. This item will not only make you look stylish but also protect your face from the sun.

You can try pairing a bucket hat with a brightly colored fleece jacket with a combination of shorts. To complete a more casual gorpcore look, you can wear sneakers along with a knee-length t-shirt.

This style is perfect to wear when you are traveling or when you want to explore exciting natural attractions.

2. Back To Nature With a Parachute Jacket

The harsh and sometimes "wet" conditions of nature may make you reluctant to go outdoors. But don't worry, Gorpcore fashion always has a way of making you look stylish without sacrificing functionality.

Parachute jackets have long been recognized by nature lovers for their all-weather toughness. The jacket's lightweight and strong material is waterproof and easy to clean, making it one of the must-have pieces of outdoor clothing if you love exploring nature.

If you're not sure if the weather will suddenly change, you can try wearing a parachute jacket with a hoodie combined with parachute cargo pants too as you can see from the illustration.

You can also wear a bucket hat and boots, or chunky sneakers for a distinctive outdoor look.

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3. Puff Jacket for Extra Warmth

For colder days you might need a thicker jacket. And a puff jacket is the most comfortable and safe solution for this. Its bulky look might make you a little worried about how to combine it properly.

Luckily, we're here to give you a handy guide. You can try using layering techniques by piling up different outfits to keep you warm during winter.

Try a puffer jacket combined with a turtleneck shirt and sweater for the inside. Cargo pants and sneakers are the perfect choice for this gorpcore streetwear style.

For the ladies, you can try the white puffer jacket look from North Face with a pair of high-waist jeans to accompany your winter days.

For warmer days you can use a puffer jacket with a little layering so you don't feel hot.

4. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets may often be forgotten as part of outdoor clothing. This is probably because of its evolution from functional clothing to practical fashion.

You should know that a long time ago when your grandparents were still holding rifles to defend their country, these bomber jackets were already being used by fighter pilots in America.

Bomber jackets back then were thick enough to be made of leather and equipped with insulation made of fur to keep the wearer warm. One type of bomber jacket that was quite iconic at that time was the G-1 model bomber jacket which was once popular because it was worn by the famous Hollywood star Tom Cruise in his movie entitled "Top Gun".

Nowadays, Bomber jackets are available with many models that you can choose from to fulfill your fashion style.

You can try the gorpcore street style by wearing a bomber jacket as an outer pair with a polo shirt and jogger pants, don't forget to add slip-on or boat shoes for a sporty casual look.

5. Backpacker Style

Going hiking seems incomplete without a versatile backpack. Luckily gorpcore brought the backpack into something more stylish and now you don't have to worry about looking like a college kid with your big backpack.

For traveling or camping activities, you can try wearing a leather jacket as an outer with an additional turtleneck sweater on the inside. You can also add jogger pants and boots for a versatile casual look.

Or you can try to look a little classy with this backpack by Louis Vuitton. A little additional fleece hoodie jacket, sneakers, and chinos pants will make your streetwear style more high class!

And it seems that backpacks are very useful for your gym activities.

6. Anorak Jacket

Anorak is a type of jacket that is also often used for the gorpcore look. The anorak jacket itself is characterized by a shorter cut than the parka and has no front opening.

You can try the gorpcore look by wearing a black anorak jacket with the same colored training pants. If the weather is really unfriendly, use a beanie hat for extra warmth.

Gorpcore Street Style Mix and Match Tips

For those of you who want to try mixing and matching gorpcore with a street-style look, check out these tips:

  1. Use layering techniques to create more diverse styles. For example, you can pair your polar jacket with a vest, or add a puffer jacket over your crop-top.
  2. Choose natural colors like green, brown, beige, or black for your outfit. These colors reflect the spirit of Gorpcore and give a look that is integrated with the natural environment.
  3. Use minimal jewelry and accessories such as simple bracelets or necklaces to complement your Gorpcore style. These jewelry pieces will add a touch of style without distracting from the overall aesthetic.
  4. Don't be afraid to mix and match your outfits, try experimenting in front of the mirror to see which style suits you best.

Remember that Gorpcore is all about dressing comfortably without abandoning functionality and the spirit of adventure. By combining the right clothes and accessories, you can create a Gorpcore street-style look that is suitable for your active lifestyle.

So good luck and hopefully you can find a gorpcore style that suits your personality!

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